Blogging can be the easiest and compatible way for successful content marketing, but to ensure success, one has to follow certain effective techniques in Blogging. Here are some proven techniques that can drive a blog to be result oriented.

1. Purpose of the blog: There should be meticulous planning behind writing a blog to clearly define the purpose for which it is being written. Whether the blog is just to generate leads or a tool in marketing strategy, the purpose has to be defined well before starting to write.

2. Intelligent use of Keywords: Use of keywords in a meticulous way to ensure presence of the blog in searches is important. Keeping the keywords at a minimum and using phrases that have already been used in the landing page will generate more traffic.

3. Modifying the blogging metrics: Make a systematic approach while writing a blog in order to choose which information would work well and which will not. It is important that you keep on modifying the blogging metrics so that with time, the content, together with images and title becomes better.

4. Quality: Instead of hastily publishing blogs in rapid succession, it would be wise to write quality content, focusing on the targeted topic and publish them in intervals of few days. This will ensure effective driven approach in blog writing.

5. Sharing Social Networking Sites: Taking advantage of widgets in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, share your post with others and gauge the results to see which ones were more effective.

6. Intuition: No doubt, relevant information, compelling content and mind blowing images can be factors determining the success of any blog, but intuitive powers of the writer should also be taken into account. Trusting owns instincts can be an effective approach towards blog writing.

7. Continuous Blogging: Continuous blogging can be effective in bringing readers into conversation, where communication through comments can make a blog successful.

8. Keeping Blogs Stored: Keeping a list of blogs posted and having the blogs stored could be effective when reporting of blogs can be effective keeping in view of the market changes.

9. Attractive Headlines: Attention drawing headlines can be effective especially when any blog is being shared in the social media. Readers will be compelled to go through the content and will have every chance to become a visitor to your site.

10.Target the crowd: Write content targeting the crowd which you want to be followed and post blogs at the right time to ensure maximum visibility.

Techniques of effectively driven approach in blogging can be honed in no time, with writing blogs at frequent intervals and assessing their success. Effective approach can help websites to be promoted in search engine rankings, in a cost effective way.

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