3 Simple B2B SEO Strategies to Attract High-Quality Leads:

High-quality B2B leads are nothing short of gold dust in Digital Marketing. To score B2B leads only through SEO is like trying to transverse a mighty ocean to reach out to the gold on the opposite shore.

But guess what? You don’t have to swim across the ocean alone; you can build a boat that helps you do so. A proven B2B SEO strategy can help you make that elusive boat that lets you reach your gold.

In today’s blog, we provide you three B2B SEO strategies that have quickly helped us attract high-quality leads. Read on to know them:

1. Lay a solid B2B SEO foundation with strong content marketing:

Strong, engaging and persuasive content is the foundation for every B2B SEO strategy that brings results. While most businesses build content, they need to improve content repurpose and distribution and fall short of taking full advantage of it.

Here’s a brief outline of the B2B content strategy that helped us rank better and improve our leads for a B2B client in the automation industry:

  1. Generate content clusters according to your buyer personas and target keywords.
  2. Create two blogs per week, ideally, 750 words per blog – consistency and volume are key here.
  3. Ensure one thought-leadership blog every week and one guest post per month with the right keywords.
  4. Repurpose generated content into quick-share videos, social media posts, and infographics.

Push your content through the proper distribution channels and consistently generate quality-back links. Content marketing is the foundation for every SEO strategy; the more robust and sharper your content, the better the conversion rates.

2. Build high-impact landing pages:  

Landing pages need not be limited to your paid marketing campaigns. Every services page of our clients is tweaked into a landing page by including necessary sections.

Service & its features, USPs, testimonials, social proof, live-chat functionality and contact forms – by building our service pages in this format, targeting the right keywords for SEO, we were able to generate B2B SEO leads that are highly relevant to the service page.

3. Personalize your website experience:

Website personalization helps build a bespoke website experience by serving customized landing pages and website experience based on the user’s location, industry and even company.

The right website personalization tools can radically enhance every aspect of the website experience. Social–proof can be made more dynamic; the headline can match the keywords, content can be recommended based on preferences, and offers can be targeted based on history.

Personalizing the website according to the user’s intent has radically helped us ramp up our conversion rates by 3X. Google Optimize, Instapage, Optimizely, and Omniconvert allowed us to improve conversion rates with our SEO services.

Content generation, landing pages and website personalization are three high-ROI B2B SEO strategies that can quickly help you gain traction in lead generation. But B2B SEO is a digital marketing challenge that will need consistent efforts from the SEO team. Once our team gathers enough traction by executing the above strategies, we augment our SEO efforts with A/B tests, content campaigns, lead magnets and incentives, webinars & video marketing, and creative outreach campaigns to accelerate the lead generation further.

In most cases, businesses may not be equipped with the right expertise or tools to leverage all the available techniques for lead generation. If you are one of them, you can drive significant value by leveraging our B2B SEO Services.

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