The year 2009 is marked by an incident that gave a new dimension to the online business scenario. Yahoo and Bing signed a deal to compete against Google. It opened up new options for the business entities that are planning to spearhead their PPC campaign. It brought in more internet users within reach. One third of the internet searches are done through Yahoo and Bing. The Bing Yahoo advertising can become very beneficial for the online marketers as it would surely open up newer traffic apart from the regular traffic of Google and it ensures better lead conversions for the websites.Choosing only the Google Adwords is not a wise decision. There are thousands of people who are using Bing and Yahoo and many, among them, can be the potential customers. Bing PPC ads are less expensive than the Google Adwords. Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising has some very advantageous features that are sure to help the marketer.

  1. The fixed priced PPC campaign assures numbers.
  2. Location and category based targeting can be done.
  3. The PPC campaign duration is fixed but with the assure numbers.
  4. One can track conversions against per click.

The Bing PPC offers detailed specifics. Category or location oriented traffic percentage, Cost per Click, Search volume detail etc. helps in the long run planning. It also offers other information like Top position CPC, Side bar CPC etc. It helps in determining the campaign budget. The competitors’ product statistics can also be compared and it is obviously very much helpful.

Most of the people switching to Bing PPC usually imports from Google adwords; it is surely timesaving but there are other things that should come into consideration. Bing offers lesser CPC than Google; thus one needs to think twice before overspending on traffic. It is advisable to start with a standardized package of Yahoo and Bing advertising.

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