Online content marketing and SEO management is not something that always go right. There are numerous aspects that one has to keep a tab on. If one is seeing a fall in SEO ranking recently then there must be some issues regarding the SEO. It can be very time consuming as there is no ultimate solution to gain quick ranking. But to keep it steady and upward one has to take a lot of measures. There are many reasons for bad SEO. Here are three important reasons that can ruin the page ranking.

The Basics

First of all, one should check whether he/she is publishing original, high quality content or not; is the content optimized from the SEO point of view? Check what keywords the visitors are using to search your website. Secondly, one should use valid and legal ways to build inbound links. Outdated ways of link generation does more harm than good to one’s search engine ranking. Never go for high number of links. It is always better to go for quality links. Thirdly, proper use of social media is very important. Google Authorship is a very good tool to increase rank and SERP clickthroughs.


Many websites have subpages to bring in organic traffic against certain keywords. But the ranking can fall if that subpage or the landing pages of that website do not have enough Backlinks compared to the competitive websites.

The Budget

Online marketing is continuously seeing a hard competition. Most of the small companies lack the budget which the bigger companies have. But having a calculated budget and allotting the expenditure intelligently will get reflected on SEO ranking. For example, long tail key words are less costly and very much effective in the long run. Competing with big companies on small key words will be a bad move. Using the money wisely will result in better ranking in the long run. Putting in too much money is never a solution.

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