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Reaching the right customers at the right time with the right offer is the holy grail of marketing. This is how a marketer can improve the leads, conversions with minimal cost striking stupendous ROI.

Unlike traditional media which mostly aligns with mass marketing, Digital Marketing provides you greater power to choose your audience, take feedback, optimize your campaigns with better precision.

Digital Marketing – A Step-up for Marketing:

Digital Marketing significantly boosted the overall marketing efforts providing better ROI and with internet penetration at 70%, the Digital Marketing spends over the last 5 years grew multifold.

For example as a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions works with businesses whose marketing functions purely comprises of Digital Marketing.

Data Science – The Next Evolution in Digital Marketing

In the last 10 years, Digital Marketing has been a revolutionary step-up for the marketing industry in terms of reaching out to the right audience.

Similarly, today with wide development and adoption in Data Science, the Digital Marketing industry stands at the gates of another evolution that can take Digital Marketing to a whole new level in terms of precisely targeting the right audience and reaching out to them at right time with even more personalised marketing efforts.

How Data Science can boost Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing helps target customers across digital platforms and provides unique data about customers to optimize the campaigns. Digital marketing analytics i.e. analysis of the data generated is what makes these insights and optimization possible.

As Digital Marketing produces a staggering amount of data, the analysis a marketer can perform, with the tools given is limited which means many insights are left undiscovered. Also in general, even BI tools can handle only structured data which is in small volumes and the value which is in unique insights and hidden patterns is only discovered by analysis of unstructured data. And this is where Data Science steps in.

What is Data Science?

 Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses data preparation, aggregation & cleansing to perform data analysis in order to uncover patterns and extract crucial insights from high volumes of data. The keyword here is ‘uncover new patterns’ because there is so much data available to a digital marketer but the number of insights derived is always the function of analysis where data science helps.

The rigorous discipline of Data Science involves statistics, AI, Machine learning algorithms, Graph Analysis and NLP analysis of the past and present data to predict future outcomes, present new insights that significantly help you understand your customer better to tailor your value propositions and campaigns better. Leveraging data science in digital marketing results in:

1. Creating personalized content strategies for a relevant audience.

2. Reaching high converting audience at the right time with right offer with laser-like precision.

3. Uncovering new opportunities and forecasting trends to stay ahead of your competition.

4. Optimized channel performance for better ROI

5. Enhanced customer experience & retention

At the end of the day, Digital Marketing is all about customer insights to target the right customers at right time and this only happens with unique customer insights. With so much data lying around, data is not the problem for Digital Marketer but the analysis is. And Data Science is like a magic wand that can uncover hidden insights to beat the competition, provided the marketer is equipped with the right set of tools and data science expertise.
Levering our SEO, SMO and SEM services in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions have been able to generate massive leads and conversions for our clients. Our data-driven digital marketing strategy and planning have helped us unlock new opportunities for our clients and by leveraging Data Science we look forward to wielding its power for even better results. For any business looking for Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad to assist their Data Science driven Marketing, contact us.

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