Google Schema Markup Online Marketing Service in Hyderabad

Ever wondered how Google returns relevant information from your query on SERP?

You type “the events today in Hyderabad” it lists out events in Hyderabad for the next few days. You ask an estimated revenue of a specific company, it returns with the right number in an instant.

You ask for the recipe of Chicken curry and it comes with a whole set of images, user ratings, calorie count, prep time for that particular dish. Look out for a product, say Samsung 53 inch 4K TV and you get the results with price, rating, availability, and reviews.

Google SERP turns in all this relevant information not because it reads and understands the content and pulls in the things you asked for. Nope.

 It doesn’t understand your content, it’s the site owners who help search engines understand their content using Schema Markup to display relevant results.

What is Schema Mark-up? How does it work?

Schema Markup is the language that communicates what the page is all about, to the search engines. In essence, it is a code that helps the search engine know about the content on your page to provide relevant results to the users.

Why do search engines need site owners to use Schema Mark-up?

Code is the language of the search engine. It doesn’t understand English or any other language. Google can crawl and pull any information you put out for it, and displays it on the SERP based on the search query of the user.

But what it cannot do is understand the content and return specific answers to the search queries. This is why Google or any search engine for that matter, wants the site owners to use Schema Markup to help these search engines better understand what content it is pulling and for categorization. This understanding lets the search engines display relevant information based on the user query.

How to use structured data or Schema Markup on the website?

You don’t need to write new code for the schema markup, Google will get it done for you. So head to Google’s Structured Data Mark-up Helper:

  • Choose the right category of your content: Article, Local Business, Restaurant, Software Application, Book Review, Movie, Products, Events, or TV episode or any other category of your content.
  • Select the content you need to mark up and provide the right details.
  • Generate the HTML code which now comes with the structure data code inserted based on the content you highlighted above.
  • Go to CMS and add the code in the relevant areas.

So in the Chicken Curry example above, the site owner has used a Recipe Schema Markup to give the relevant details of the recipe and Google pulled it out. And the same happened for other search results as well. Next, let us find out the impact of Schema Markup on the website ranking.

So how does Schema Markup affect a website ranking?

Using Schema Markup helps the search engine identify the right information and you get eligible to become rich results that will stand out from the competition. In terms of direct impact, an optimized website with Schema Mark-up has a 30% more chance to trump the competition and turn-up on SERP, according to our SEO experts at Samskriti Business Solutions.

Schema Markup is an SEO technique that can significantly benefit a well-optimized site and if you are looking for better search engine rankings and conversions, you must plan and execute the right SEO strategy and utilize Schema Markups as much as possible. Being a Top Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad that specialized in providing SEO Services, we have meticulously used Schema Markup for all our clients and reaped rich rewards in terms of search engine rankings. If you are looking for Online Marketing services in Hyderabad that can help you out-rank your competition in search results.

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