Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword across all the tech summits and discussions by the influencers across the board. Google has been revamping SEO over the years and they have altered their search algorithms about 500 times last year. Getting the maximum attention on the search page is now a tough job and we talk about the audits you must implement for maximising search visibility. The audit checklist items have been well versed and has its appeal as SEO companies near me would attest.

5 must do SEO Audit checklist for 2017 and here we go:

  • Mobile Crawling:

With world moving over to the smartphone based internet search and work, we should be betting more on mobile crawling influenced SEO. With more and more smartphone influenced searches, we can expect to look at how google smartphone crawler works on the indexing of searches.

  • JavaScript The New Tool of SEO influenced Era:

Google had moved to JavaScript three years ago and it has thrown lot of questions regarding the basis for SEO on total application of pages based on JavaScript. While doing an in-depth analysis of the audit for the page, it is quite necessary to know whether the main page is accessible by the google JavaScript based crawlers.

  • Keyword Repetition:

Often we have the pages in a website competing with each other inadvertently due to the usage of the same keyword. When a web page deploys spiders to trawl through pages, it gets confused which page to select as the best. When optimizing the website, there is issues of keywords being repeated across the website and this leads to complications. One must avoid it for the panda algorithm might not take a keen attention of your website.

  • Indexing The site:

Despite the rich content one sees on websites, some fails to turn up on the search results due to lack of proper indexing method. One of the biggest myth is that more the indexed pages, more is the SEO of the website. One of the reason pages don’t show up in search results is due to error in implementing robot.txt content. Often, the robot.txt was built to tell the google to not crawl through the webpage and thus makes it invisible. Running a site audit and checking that robot.txt is not the cause of below par indexing.

  • Data Duplication:

With multiple sources of information on the web, google gets confused which version to index it higher or lower. Ranking the page would depend on the google algorithmic approach to the content on the website, they analyse whether the text on a page were unique or similar to other content on different pages.

With rapid evolution of search engines, one needs to be adept to the changes and do a regular technical SEO audit.

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