Top Ways Voice Search Will Affect Digital Marketing in 2017

With changing times, the ways in which we search something on the internet are also taking a different form. Earlier we used to type long sentences to search anything but today we are trying to develop human language so as to increase the time and decrease the difficulties of typing. From mails to messages we have come a long way to WhatsApp and hike. The recent development towards this search process is ‘voice search.’ Voice search means a digital personal assistance on smart phones and laptops that use voice like Amazon’s eco or Google’s microphone to search anything on the web. Nowadays young people have started using this tool because of the convenience it offers. The screen size is decreasing and so is the size of the buttons. Hence, for easy navigation, voice search is the best option you should opt for.

The Digital Marketing Experts in India say that people are more comfortable in using voice search because of the quality research that it shows. The error rate is quite low. So, let us analyse the future of the voice search and how it will change and modify in future. If we take out the data then after the windows ten was launched more than 33% of the search results was through voice inputs. With the help of voice search, we can predict our expectations and need. Supposedly if you are walking around a city which is new for you and you want to search a restaurant around then you can just ask Cortana and it will show result according to the time of the day and the mode of your travel. This change in how are we searching on the internet has also attracted businessmen and digital marketers to go for online selling. The old strategies are useful but voice searching is different because it plays an important role to provide a solution to customer inquiries and concern. Digital marketers of the various digital marketing companies in India can gain advantage from this kind of searching so that to associate their business with certain essential keywords it will be helpful for them to get better business through more search results.

Voice searching will help in increasing the content marketing because it will help the business to add more accessible content as it will be easier for the search engines to provide a solution to a problem. Instead of long sentences, there will be blocks of phases so as to limit the inquiry type. It will depict the human touch of the business and increase the rank of the mobile websites.

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