Pursuing the right keywords is the most important thing for optimizing a website, and to do that, you will need to evaluate some essential metrics that can be helpful. Here are some metrics which could be analyzed for successfully creating keywords that can play a significant role in the website optimization.

  1. Using the Keyword Planner to Bid for Keywords – For bidding a price for keywords in Google Adwords, the Keyword Planner can help in suggesting a price for a keywords that can be worth its monetary value. This can be effective when you do not have CPC data which is accurate.
  2. Search Volume – Analyzing the monthly average search volume for a particular keyword, using the Keyword Planner can be helpful in choosing a keyword that can be of exactly matching. You will also need to specify your geographical location to get search volume by region. Accurate results can be obtained by manually computing the monthly search volume average, taking data from the yearly search volume. You can also group the keyword variants by volumes.
  3. Adwords Competition Metric – Competition metric for Google Adwords is provided by the Keyword Planner, which can help in reflecting the numbers of advertisers showing up on a particular keyword relative to the total numbers of keywords appearing in Google.
  4. Organic Competition – The keyword competition or difficulty percentage metric is yet another metric to be analyzed for measuring the success of keyword research. Measuring the difficulty score for a particular keyword is important for considering the authority of other pages which are included in the SERP ranking. You can also create your own metric for competition, using the services of rank tracking to find out their domain authority, and compare them to your own website.
  5. KOB Metric – Accurate evaluation of keyword competition, the volume and cost is done by the keyword Antithesis to Advantage (KOB) metric, in a singular value for metric. Estimating the value metric in the initial position and sequencing by a metric which is termed “difficulty”, can help to analyze the success of a keyword research.

Other metrics that could be analyzed for measuring the success of keyword research include the Google Display Planner demographics metric, Current keyword rank, Keyword metrics for cruising sites having existent data, Google Search Analytics and normal actual CPC. Analyzing these metrics, we can find out the efficacy of a keyword research. Decisions which are data driven can be more effective in creating a matching keyword for SEO purpose. The deeper you go into analyzing the metrics, the more accurate findings you get to help measure the success of your keyword research.

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