The way the whole landscape for paid search is changing suggests that there are some trends that are upcoming which can revolutionize the whole concept of paid searches and help even the hard core online marketers. Here we talk about 3 upcoming trends in paid search and what they may lead up to.

1.    App Indexing and Deep Linking is one of the trends in paid search which is on the horizon for users, where they can engage in app indexing. This will enable them to engage with and see app contents in the search results, even if the app is not installed on mobile devices. If the recent trend where the line of difference between desktop and app experience is getting harder to understand, persists, Google and other search engines may find it easier to introduce advertising around app contents that are deeper. With the trend of advertising based only on users downloading specific apps on display or on search, and even in You Tube, becoming outdated, a time will come where advertising will be made on apps as easily as being made on contents.

2.    Natural Language and Voice Search is an upcoming trend in paid search, where digital and search assistants are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office, making the theme of searching for natural language popularity for search engine ranking. It will be interesting to notice how Google will be able to monetize on making search engines to understand the behaviors under various contexts. This is expected to make users move away from searching on devices like desktop computers and mobile phones. E Commerce and location targeting advertisements can do a lot by rolling in a bit of e commerce. This method of advertising will extract data from various sources and will be personalized and mobile. Although it will be hard to consider different bits of information in real time, it will be interesting to watch how this method succeeds.

3.    With Google being very much successful in introducing Google Shopping, with retailers getting more and more shares from clicks being made on Google Shopping, this upcoming trend in paid search holds much promise. Going by statistics, Product Listing Ads continue to grow, where, clicks on Google search ads was recorded to grow by more than 8%.. The growth was attributed to some recent changes being made which included better visibility on mobile devices about the shopping results from Google, where local companies benefited the most. These ad units are occupying more space than before for those searching for results on mobiles. The “shopping ad units” which is increasing day by day is really going to set a trend in paid search.

Just wait and see what results these upcoming trends in paid search promises in the long run.

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