Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google said -The internet allows people not only gather information but to conduct experiments based on data, enter into contracts and carry out other transactions.

On the upcoming new idea of Google:

Mr. Varian expressed his views and thoughts:

Recalling Larry Page’s observation regarding the concept of Google, that Google should not just be a mere search and be a provider that answers before people begin to search. He said, Google is in the process of attempting to that vision, where the services collate information from multiple sources to alert you.

Referring to an example, a delay in the flight timing can be an alert to you even though you haven’t requested Google to provide it. It just garners the gathered information from your emails, profile, real-time flights tracking. It can be a bit creepy to someone, but few can say it’s just wonderful for them.

To mark on people’s privacy by this vision, Varian said Google knows everything!

Likewise you trust your Doctor, you trust your Lawyer, you need to trust Google. Google does not share any privacy information to third parties and constantly improves its security. With this approach, “only the rich can afford personal assistant” is no more a reality and anyone can have Google Now. Varian has a point.