Facebook is growing day to day. Currently Facebook has 500 million active users, 50% of Facebook active users regularly login to their accounts. Facebook Developers are working hard to make Facebook more user-friendly and secure. Facebook is available in 70 languages at the moment and trying to add more translations in future. More than 30% of Facebook users are accessing their accounts through mobiles and Mobile users are twice active compared to regular PC users.

Why Facebook is becoming so popular:

Lot of discussions on the web i.e. Facebook is a competitor for Google. Google is a search engine and Facebook is a social networking site. How come Facebook is a competitor for Google? This is a common question.  We can get more targeted customers through Facebook and we can interact with them, request feedback and make them Active. But it’s not possible in Google.

People will use Google more to know about particular information and Facebook to do social activities. If we look at things in marketing point of view Facebook is good and information point of view Google is good.

Facebook Pages & Page Insights:

Facebook Pages are becoming more popular. Every organization is creating their own Facebook Brand pages to engage their customers, Employees and to promote their brand and products. Recently Facebook has launched Page Insights which provides you detailed information about your page metrics that who are your customers and how they are responding to your activities. Have a look at the following Facebook Page Insights.

Facebook Insights Demographics

Here you can clearly see who are interesting about your products Male or Female. If Male which age group Males are more interested in your products. These metrics are very helpful to grow your business.

Facebook Insights Geodata

Look at above Geographic Stats in Facebook Insights. Here you can see in which geo people are more or less interested in your products, so that you can expand your business in interested areas and work to improve your significance in less interested areas.

Finally using Facebook you can exactly target the right customer i.e. a specific gender of a particular age group living in targeted geo location.