Online business has opened up new doors for the local marketers to attract more customers while keeping their old client base unaltered. But when it is about digital marketing everyone has to keep themselves updated with coming trends. The year 2015 will be no different. Local marketers who are looking forward to expand their business reach should consider these trends as it will surely help them in the long run. Let’s discuss the coming trends that will rule 2015 digital marketing.

1.    A recent report of Wireless Smartphone Strategies shows that the number of Smartphone user will reach 2.5 billion by the end of 2015. So it is evident that people will become more Smartphone dependent. According to the Mobile Commerce Index released by Branding Brand the number of smart phone online visit is 19,667,372; the number of smart phone orders 170,055 and the amount of revenue is $15, 628, 076. It is a June’2014 report and the revenue has increased 110.2% from the last year. So it is evident that smart phone will become a stronger means to connect to the customers.

2.    A report from PriceWaterhouseCooper shows that payments through mobiles and value added services, including mobile ads, mobile analytics, m-coupon, online currencies, will reach $250 billion. So, local marketers should learn about online payment modes like O2 Wallet, Passbook, Square, GoWallet etc. People are using such apps extensively to do their online purchases.

3.    The local marketers should consider advertisements through wearable devices as there are going to make a huge impact on the online market in the coming years.

4.    Social media has a great influence on consumer’s buying decisions. It will become one of the dominant aspects of digital marketing. Local marketers should ensure that have a consistent and attractive social media presence.

5.    Digital Assistance services like Google Now, Cortona etc. are becoming popular among the consumers. Local marketers should use such tools to make their products/services searchable and available to the consumers.

6.    The more smart devices coming into the market the more it is becoming easy to reach the targeted market. Local marketers should integrate their digital business in such a way that it would become profitable for them.

7.    New companies are coming up to provide assistance to the small business entities. They help with scheduling, appointments, payments etc. Local marketers can gain havoc operational success through these services.

8.    The local marketers can use demographic information for advertisements. Location based marketing helps to cater to the specific market.

9.     The use of tools like Placed, Adometry will help the local businessmen to connect their digital business to the real store business.

10.    Crowdsourcing and resource sharing, though yet not a hot property in the online marketing, are becoming, slowly, popular among the consumers. The marketers can use its unused potential.

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