If you have a website and you are doing business through it then you already know that the most important aspect of online business is virtual visibility. SEO is not a hit and run process. It needs time. However, to make your site visible you have to be very friendly with the Google algorithms and web crawlers. Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science but minute care should be taken. Few tips can really give brilliant SEO results. Let’s have a look.

1.    It may sound cliched but it is a universal truth that Content is King. Make sure you have original, well written content that will have adequate and relevant key words.
2.    Java script drop down menu, image link etc. are must for site optimization. Put the text links on the page to let the web spiders follow those links.
3.    Generate proper and relevant network back links.
4.    Keep giving original and brand new content with regular intervals. It makes your site relevant to the search engines.
5.    Do a great deal of research to point out the search phrases rather than single keywords.
6.    Use distinctive title for every page with different products and also use designs that will help the buyer to zoom and see your product clearly.
7.    While generating links do not go for quantity. Quality and relevant links will do the magic for you.
8.    Always try to keep descriptive and relevant texts around the keywords.
9.    In case of shared servers always make sure that you are not sharing a proxy with any spammer. It will kill your ranking.
10.    Keep your website user friendly and easy to manoeuvre.
11.    Incorporate responsive design to make your site available in tabs and smart phones.
12.    Always check whether your links direct the viewer to the home page or not. Do not create split links.
13.     Newsletters and subscriptions should come at the top of your priority list.
14.    Rather than paid links try to link out. It is always useful.
15.    Try to get a link in websites like stumble upon or dig because these sites are crawled more often than small sites.
16.    Use robot.txt to stop crawlers from indexing unwanted pages.
17.    Use Social media to create site awareness.
18.    Create videos and list them in Google Webmaster Central Account. It is the best way to let the crawlers find your videos.
19.    Do not use images where you can use texts. Unnecessary means wastage.
20.    Use images with alt tags.
21.    Use anchor texts for links and avoid ‘click here’ links.
22.    Never get obsessed with page ranks. Lower level can achieve higher page ranks.
23.    Always encourage viewers or customers to give feedback, ratings etc.
24.    Do not stuff your content with excessive keywords.
25.    Try to infuse keywords in your title tag.

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