The usage of BOLD and STRONG HTML tags as a part of Search Engine Optimization process is still a debate for its relevance and preference. Bold tag is used for Bold and Strong Tag is used for Strong for the keywords or phrases to significant out/get highlighted of the entire text displayed on a webpage. Bold tag makes the word encapsulated in tags reflect BOLD texture. By making bold it does not differ the semantic meaning of the word, it just enhances the look and grabs the attention. Strong tag makes the word encapsulated in tags in bold. It reads louder and boldly when compared to bold tag.

According to our research, we believe that Google robots offers value for bold text over strong text. Googlebot can understand the bold tag and it displays the used text as bold.

Using the specific keywords in bold style helps the search engines in tracing out the website. Apart from important Meta tags, search engines concentrate and play a vital role for the keywords wrapped in <bold>. One of the major SEO keys to top in search engine results is using BOLD HTML tags to highlight targeted keywords. You need to use the tag carefully and wisely wherever they are needed. It is observed that targeted keywords have more significance in search results which have BOLD tags.

There are numerous websites on internet that are never seen by anyone as the websites are not optimized & search engine friendly. Through SEO process, the webmaster uses different optimizing techniques applicable for enhancing the website visibility in search results. The technique of using BOLD Tags in SEO is recommended for more search visibility and improving ranking position of the website.

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