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LinkedIn company page serves as an official communication platform, helps you attract new employee talent, post job openings, promotes your social media initiatives, helps you find & nurture conversations with your customers and business prospects.

LinkedIn doesn’t just the make things happen it aces them comfortably too. With 660 million users and 30 million companies, LinkedIn clocks 9 billion content impressions every month, makes up for more than 46% of social media traffic and more importantly, 80% of B2B leads arrive from LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn company page can be your corporate headquarters with your sales and customer relationship office on the online space, but only if you let it grow and leverage the platform efficiently.

So if you are a business that has recently set-up your company page and is looking to improve your follower count then this blog is for you. 

Here are simple tips to increase LinkedIn followers for your company page:

1. Complete Company Profile: A complete and updated company profile is the basic requirement for any profile and yet we are left surprised how many company profiles still fall short of up to date and complete information. LinkedIn pages with complete profile information receive 2 times more visitors than their counterparts which is why you must make sure that your high-resolution logo, cover pic, description, website URL, company type, industry, company size, industry, and location have to accurate and up-to-date to ensure professionalism.

2. Create engaging posts and ensure consistency: Original and engaging content is the key that unlocks your growth potential on LinkedIn. That doesn’t mean you have to go hammer and tongs on the content side: quality is more important than quantity. Ensure 1-2 posts for a week but make sure they are fresh engaging and provide great value to your audience. While relevant descriptive content with eye-catching images, right hashtags is the bare minimum, extra points and mileage is guaranteed for video content. But remember, be consistent about the content postings, schedule them ahead to avoid last-minute hassles.

3. Amplify your reach with your network: More people see, engage and share your content, better is the reach for your company profile which triggers the growth. Your content reach and impressions are naturally low in budding stages of the company page. And you can resort to your employee network to gain traction in initial days. The first step here is to make sure all your employees are on LinkedIn and then you can have a select group of employees invite their network to your page manually. You can have them re-share your content and engage with ` your posts and also help them create good content for themselves which inadvertently can help your page too.

However, if you want guaranteed result quickly can also take help from paid LinkedIn Marketing for business to accelerate your company page’s growth, capture target audience and improve your B2B leads. So want to leverage LinkedIn for business growth?

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