Google 3-pack service in Hyderabad

Historically it has always been one way: Big businesses with big marketing budgets stand more chance to make more business by reaching a higher number of customers. Sure, if you are a local business that offers quality services or goods to your customers you may have a loyal and regular customer base, but bringing-in new customers to your business can always be a challenging uphill task.

But let us say you this: It’s not always an up-hill and with a set of right techniques you can edge out your competition to grab customers in your area to your business no matter how big the competition is.

Ever wondered how you can drive higher traffic and bring-in more customers to your business despite being a local player in your field?

Today we are going to help you take the first step in that direction with the Google-3 pack. So read on:

What is the Google 3-pack?

Google Pack is the list of local business results that appears at the top of the SERP page (even before rank#1) when you search for a local business in a particular area.

Previously Google had to choose 7 businesses to feature in this area but now the total number is relegated to 3 with a map marked with this location to make it easier for the customers to reach the businesses. So now it’s Google 3-pack.

But why must you care about it? Here’s why:

1.If optimized for Google 3-pack, your business has the chance of making it to the top of the search results 95% of the time, even bypassing the #1 rank in SERP (which are already irrelevant for a local search).

2. On average 64% of the searches during the pandemic are local business searches, thus helping your business reach the top every time someone makes a local search on Google.

3. While the searches are initiated only when the customers are in need, this type of local search has the highest chance of bringing the business to you.

The most important thing here is that you can even bypass the SERP #1 ranking comfortably to make your case on top of bigger players in the field.

In essence, Google 3-pack is like a wild card entry into the finals of a competition where the prize is bringing more customers for your business.

 So now to the more important question: How do you optimize for Google 3-pack?

How to optimize for Google 3-pack?

A simple check at the Google 3-pack suggests that the search results that show up is not necessarily the nearest ones.  They happen to be the search results that are a function of both location and a whole set of other factors which include customer friendliness that shows in the form of reviews, detailed information about the business, business page optimization, photography, keyword optimization and even organic SEO.

Since Google is trying to recommend your business to the customers in your geographical location, it looks for more customization and better optimization of your business that blend of versatile factors, all simple yet needs a special set of SEO skills. If you are a business looking to boost your foot traffic and bring-in more customers to your local business by optimizing for Google 3-pack, our SEO experts at Samskriti Business Solutions can help you. Being one of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, we take pride in our ability to help budding businesses to reach out to their potential customer base. We have helped hundreds of local businesses gain an edge over the competition with our SEO, SMO, and PPC Services and more importantly now Google 3-pack service in Hyderabad. If you are looking budding business looking for a Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad, particularly Google 3-pack advertising company in Hyderabad

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