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Despite a zillion blog posts, case studies, & testimonials, most B2B content marketing efforts fail to gain traction. So clearly, the failures are not due to a lack of efforts but strategy and direction.

“Majority B2B content marketing efforts fail to resonate and relate to the audience, which makes them invisible to the audience,” says one of our content marketing specialists at Samskriti Business Solutions in Hyderabad.

So, what does a high-performing B2B content marketing strategy look like?

It’s simple, sharp, and has three fundamental pillars that most digital marketing companies and businesses miss. With insights from our content marketing specialist, this blog gives you three fundamentals of a B2B content marketing strategy that can help you lay a strong foundation for improved conversions and sales.

At the end of the article, we add a bonus tip that can help businesses solve a common challenge in B2B content marketing. Read on.

Relate, Educate & Engage, Don’t Just Hard Sell:

Your target audience in B2B is not ready to make the purchase on day one. So, the best thing your content can do is to help improve awareness and help you enter your audience’s consideration box slowly over time.

“Aggressive CTAs and pop-ups do have their place in B2B content marketing, but subtle persuasion through relatability is where the heavy lifting is done. The content your target audience can relate to and connect with personally is gold in B2B content marketing,” says our content marketing specialist in Hyderabad.

Your best bet is to focus on content formats like success stories, personal experiences, product anecdotes, how-to guides, powerful arguments for your products, and more. A mix of engaging and relatable content is the way to ensure relatability and memorability, keeping your product on top of the mind when the need arises.

Know Your Target Audience Inside Out:

Not only should you know which content types work well with your audience, but you should also know whom to target. Which thread should you pull, which challenge should you address? The whole purpose of these content types is to relate to the audience, but not all audiences are the same.

Each type of audience may be in its own stage of the purchase journey, and people in the same stage of the purchase journey may have different expectations and signals for your products.

So don’t just stop at demographics concerning customer analysis. Delve into the possible pain points of the audience, their challenges, goals, and expectations – you may have a story to tell and content to produce with any of these inputs.

Understand Their Content Consumption Habits:

You’ve zeroed in on your content types to focus on and have a fair understanding of your audience’s challenges, pain points, and goals. So, is that enough to create content that can boost your conversions? Not necessarily.

The content you made might interest your audience, but it may not come in a format they consume. Not all audiences are fans of long-form content, and this is why you must embrace diverse content types according to our audience’s preferences.

We advise creating buyer personas and detailed profiles of the users you are going to target with your content. This detailed analysis can help you assess their content consumption habits.

“Understand the best-performing content formats, including blog posts, case studies, webinars, infographics, or podcasts. Nailing down the content formats according to audience preferences also helps you plan the content distribution channels effectively,” according to one of our content marketing specialists at Samskriti Business Solutions.

The above three tips are fundamentals of B2B content marketing, which when done right can lay a strong foundation for a robust B2B content marketing strategy.

But in almost all cases, one area where businesses find it hard is to know the likes, dislikes, challenges, and complaints of the audience to actively address them within their content.

Our tip: go through your feedback and fan mail.

Bonus Tip #1: Comb through Your Customer Mail:

The responses of your customers to your products or services are golden when it comes to your content strategy. Their likes, concerns, complaints, and help calls are the most potent form of content leads one could ask for. You can create how-to guides, provide an alternative view on product criticisms, offer tips to mitigate their problems, shed light on potential solutions to common issues, give out insights that most users overlook, and so on.

So, by applying the above (3+1) tips, we can guarantee a much sharper and more potent B2B content marketing that can help you relate to your audience and improve your conversion.

However, each step in itself can be difficult to strategize and execute without expert help from seasoned content marketing specialists. If you are finding it hard in execution, our content marketing specialists in Hyderabad are always ready to help. Contact us:  +91 40 2340 2060 / 2061.

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