August is the month of celebrations at Samskriti. Like every year, we come together, pause a day and celebrate the progress we have made, make goals for next year on the very day we started it all: The Foundational Day.

This year is no different. Our progress as a company was better than any other year in the business but what made our 12th Anniversary celebrations even more special is that they have arrived exactly at a time we needed them the most.

Our highlights of the year:

Right since the inception, Samskriti Business Solutions has fostered for creativity, teamwork, and dedication to deliver stunning results for our clients. That how we rolled and it helped us scale the new heights by helping as many clients as possible.

  • Results delivered
  • Heights, scaled
  • Milestones, reached
  • Accolades won

We have had our share of success over the year 2019-2020, but the highlight of the year is our New Branch Opening at Karimnagar which is now tipped to be the Samskriti’s first branch office, a new child.

Few things in the business journey are as enriching as the inauguration of a new branch for it stands as the testament of the company’s growth, success, potential and teamwork. And 2020 gave us the opportunity where we were are all set to spread our operations while providing employment opportunities to the deserving youth in Karimnagar, a big win there.

Tough times never last but tough people do:

With new branch opening and more clients on-board, we were in for a fun ride up until the pandemic stuck. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown and natural course of actions naturally thwarted our progress for a while.

And yet, working for home diligently our team has channelled their inner-zen to deliver results even when the pandemic has had the incalculable odds stacked up against us. Over the next few months, our team’s dedication and commitment has had the upper hand and were through the dip, successfully.

The story of two halves – A successful year:

Our year was a story of two halves. While the first was shot in the arm, a result of years of progress and growth – our new branch office opening at Karimnagar. The second half was a challenging journey of making our way through the pandemic unscathed and come out at the top, making 2020 a challenging year in our journey.

As a true test of character, the pandemic has thrown a never before challenge at us and our team has amped-up their passion and potential to rise above the challenge. It was heartening to see, our management backing us to hilt even during the most challenging times of pandemic.

At the end that’s what family is for. And we are all privileged to be the part of Samskriti family.

Today we raise the toast for our yet another successful year and we are all together in spirit as our CEO Mr Sravan Kumar Paka celebrates the moment.

Having been through the most stimulating and arduous year in 2020, we are confident of facing any challenge that is thrown at us in the future.

So bring it on!