It is the age of mobile apps, and rightly so – people are spending more and more of their time getting things done through mobile apps today than ever before. As a matter of fact, popular studies have found that the typical smartphone user spends at least thirty hours per month using mobile apps – that’s a minimum of an hour per day. However, just because people are using mobile apps so much does not mean that your mobile app will be at the top of the charts right from day one! It takes a lot of planning, marketing and dedication to see results.

With the Google Play Store containing over a billion apps, the number one question on your mind would be, how will the visitor even find my app? If the visitor does install and start using it, how long is he/she going to continue to do so? It has also been observed from surveys that people start using a new app only to discard it merely days, if not hours, later. So what does it take for your users to be engaged to your app, and to ensure that they do not leave using your app?

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Mobile App Marketing

While there are many generic answers to these questions, if you are looking for the solution that will help you with all your mobile app marketing needs, you need not look further than Samskriti Business Solutions. With a team of highly experience professionals.

Samskriti will help you in each and every stage of the mobile app marketing process – right from building the app, to planning how to market it, getting it submitted to review sites (which increases your chances of being found by new users), tagging the app with the right keywords, and much more. All solutions are customized to your specific needs, and guidance is tailored just for you, personally. Come to Samskriti and discover the amazing power of mobile app marketing and how you can benefit from it

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