Lead data enrichment is meticulous process of making your data, accurate, complete, unique and up-to-date. In a step-by-step process, our data experts at Samskriti Business Solutions, collect, aggregate, refine, update and verify your lead data to help you score better conversions.

With the support of specialised Data enrichment tools and services, our Data Executives manually fill-in the data while rectifying the incorrect entries. We put all the data puzzle pieces back together by scouring all the relevant sources that include social media, career portals, directories, partners, forums, blogs in the context of the lead, which is only possible manually.

Why Does Your Lead Data Need Enrichment?

Bringing-in the new customers is crucial for any business to grow and the ultimate aim of all the Branding, Digital Marketing, and Advertising (online or offline) is to turn your audience into valuable leads. The leads that bring-in the new customers to drive the sales, generate revenue and profits.

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But, Lead Quality > Lead Quantity

Lead generation happens when the costumer is stimulated by the product or service of the seller enough to give his details. However the lead is considered relevant only if the customers can be easily identified with the information provided. The data collected thus can be full of errors, redundancies and devoid of critical information needed to help your sales and marketing executives.

So no matter how rigorous your lead generation process is, the data you collect needs to be accurate and clean in order to make conversions.

Incomplete & Inaccurate data ------- > Loss of time, money, & high value revenue opportunities

According to Experian Research, 97% of the companies suffer from the most common data errors associated with the customer contact data. Missing, duplicate, outdated and inaccurate customer data are the most common problems faced by the companies around the world.

It is estimated that around 23 to 40% of this data is wasted due to the data quality problems resulting in loss of revenue and time, not to mention the opportunities lost to your competitor who is powered by lead data enrichment services.

Clean & accurate data amplifies your conversions & improves customer experience.

Lead Data Enrichment Services by Samskriti Business Solutions

At Samskriti Business Solutions, our lead data specialists help you enrich the data acquired through third-party reference data sources. Plugging the holes and enhancing your existing data, our data enrichment solutions help ensure that you invest your marketing budget targeting the right contacts.

Our Approach

In general here’s a step by step process, we follow:

  • Step -1: Understand the client’s data objective and requirement.
  • Step -2: Scour the online space inside out to collect most authentic data possible.
  • Step -3: Perform preliminary screen to the extract data with support of cutting edge tools.
  • Step -4: Validate the lead data manually through all sources possible.
  • Step -5: Finally cleanse the data & consolidate and handover to the client.

At Samskriti Business Solutions can both build the data from ground-up or can also help cleanse, enrich or audit the lead data as per the client requirements. Today, we offer:

  1. 1. Lead Data Enrichment: We cleanse your data to the tee and enrich the data getting rid of all the inaccurate data entries, sourcing new data to fill out the missing key information, completing the data set in the given time.
  2. 2. Lead Data Audit: Eliminating conflicting data and validating the target leads in alignment with the sales and marketing goals.

Why Samskriti Business Solutions?

Samskriti Business Solutions is the online marketing company in Hyderabad that can offer a full pledged manual data enrichment services that integrates the best of both automation and manual data cleansing, validation and verification process. Our Lead data executives are well trained in all the latest data enrichment practices, tools and services to extract high performing leads with in stipulated amount of time.

  • Skilled & Dedicated Data Experts
  • Exclusive Manual Data Sourcing & Enrichment
  • 50% Cost Reduction
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Extremely accurate, telephone-verified database.

With 11 years of experience and remarkable track record of providing lead data enrichment services for clients around the world in their Account Based Marketing (ABM) Campaigns to help them hit their sales target, Samskriti Business Solutions offer Best Lead-data Enrichment Services in Hyderabad.

Dr. Gokhale

Our association with Samskriti Business Solutions is a little over 3 years. During this time, we had the satisfaction taking the help of highly competent and passionate group who delivered their promises in time. They proficiency is very impressive and we recommend their services to anyone who needs net based solutions.

Dr Gokhale - MS, M.Ch, DNB, SMP (IIM-C)
Dr. Niraj Vora

Samskriti Business Solutions has been a great help in maximising my ability to reach out to my patients. I could achieve great results through their high integrity services.

Dr Niraj Vora - M.B.B.S, M.S.(Orth)
Dr. Ajay

Iam very pleased to post a review for Samskriti and team , I have been using there services since last 3 yrs and very much satisfied with the results and the courteous nature of the staff, they have been giving me on time A-Z solutions related to web based solutions and social media . I would definitely recommend there services to anybody looking for complete digital solutions. Thank you very happy to partner with u guys.

Dr Ajay Krishna -(Focus Dental Care) BDS, MDS Prosthodontist and Implantologist
Jwalant Mehta

Samskriti Business Solutions are a group of outstandingly professionals with an exceptional creative and networking talent. They have helped evolve and modernize my web presence and have helped me to reach out to my patients, current and future.

Jwalant S. Mehta - MS (Orth), D (Orth),
Sridevi Fertility

We have been associated with Samskriti for over two years and we are happy with their professional approach and attitude towards the social media marketing. Their approach is unbiased and methodical towards any issues which we have encountered.

Dr Swetha - MBBS , MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by your team. Especially Sirisha was very helpful & always available for any assistance I needed even on holidays.

Dr Dr .Ranjit Kumar P - M.D.S., FICOI