For website owners and digital marketers, Google Analytics (GA) has been an essential tool for tracking website performance and user behaviour. In October 2020, Google introduced GA4, which provides more advanced tracking features and insights as compared to the previous version. Switching from the old version to GA4 is a challenging task. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of GA4 and the role of migration services in the process:

GA4 and Migration Service

What are the benefits of GA4?

Google Analytics 4 offers several benefits in comparison to the previous version of Google Analytics. Some of the most significant benefits are:

  1. Advanced Tracking: GA4 provides advanced tracking features such as event tracking and user properties which enable website owners to monitor particular user actions like clicks, downloads, and video plays. Moreover, user properties help website owners categorize their users based on certain criteria like location, age, and gender.
  2. Cross-platform Tracking: Using GA4, website owners can monitor user behaviour across multiple platforms such as websites and mobile applications. This feature allows website owners to gather a complete understanding of user behaviour, providing them with a holistic view of user activity and facilitating better decision-making for the website owners and marketers.
  3. Machine Learning: GA4 incorporates and utilizes machine learning to track trends related to user behaviour, allowing website owners and marketers to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Machine learning also enables GA4 to detect critical events, forecast future outcomes, and deliver a personalized user experience.
  4. Data privacy: In comparison to the previous version of Google Analytics, GA4 has laid more focus on data privacy, featuring several functions designed to improve user privacy. Website owners have greater control over the data collected, deciding which data to collect and how it is used.

    Furthermore, GA4 offers more transparency to users regarding data collection and usage. Users have the option to opt out of data collection, allowing them greater access to their personal information.
GA-4 and Migration Services

What are migration services?

GA4 Migration services help website owners and marketers in migrating from the previous version of Google Analytics to GA4. These services aim to facilitate a seamless and hassle-free migration process.

Some of the facilities provided by migration services are:

  • Consult: Consulting services offer website owners and marketers professional advice on migrating to GA4. This includes recommendations on data migration, GA4 configuration, and utilizing the new GA4 features.
  • Implementation: Implementation services help website owners and marketers in installing GA4 onto their website or mobile app. This includes the installation of GA4 tracking codes, configuring user properties and events, and testing the implementation to guarantee its proper functioning.
  • Training: Training services help website owners and marketers with the required expertise they need to use GA4 efficiently. This involves training them how to navigate the GA4 interface, comprehend GA4 reports, and make informed decisions based on GA4 data.

Final Overview

Samskriti Business Solutions is the leading provider of GA4 migration services. The company specializes in offering exceptional consulting, implementation, and training services. With their help, your transition to GA4 will be seamless and efficient.

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