Digital Marketing for Doctors

Digital Marketing for Doctors

The Internet has completely changed how a potential patient reaches out to the medical care they need. We are past the age where the patients solely relied on yellow pages, referrals and even word of the mouth.

Today, when a potential patient is looking for medical service, a search engine (Google) becomes their solo go-to guide to find the best medical professional. And that is only the first stage. What follows is the careful filtering of the best shrink they could find based on the information on the web. Every one of them checks for the feedback from your patients before making a decision to choose the right one. The Internet has cut the market wide open for the best doctors around. But what good is being the best if you cannot reach out to most of the prospective patients?

Do you know?
  • Three out of every four people search online for medical and health care services.
  • But out of these people, only 10% of them go beyond the first page in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Being the best is simply not enough if you are not the first!

Medical services is a highly competitive field. Whether you are Physician, Gynaec, Dentist or an Ophthalmologist, there is a heavy competition everywhere around making it even tougher for Doctors to make their ground. And then there are these popular hospitals and medical treatment center which already cloud the search engine results.

But, how can Doctors make themselves visible on the web?

Digital Marketing Services for Doctors.

Make yourself visible on the web & Help millions of patients online!

People today live in a digital world and Digital Marketing is marketing across all these digital mediums to give you that visibility and positive web presence. It synonymous to direct Marketing, only more effective and result driven, exactly what the medical and health care industry needs today.

Digital Marketing help you reach your patients when they need you.
How Digital Marketing can help you reach your prospective patients?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term of various methods and techniques of Internet marketing that help you categorically help you improve your visibility on the web, reach out to your prospective patients market your services, boost your identity and ultimately help patients look for medical service.

Here’s how each Digital Marketing service can help you reach the said goal, from the ground up:

SEO Services for Doctors

SEO Services for Doctors

Ever wondered why your website is finding it difficult to bring in the visitors and your leads column is all dried-up? That is because having a website doesn’t equate to having an online presence. Just The online presence of Medical and healthcare service providers is based on their credibility and this credibility is established by your search engine rankings. Better identity on the web, higher your rank on the search engines. Higher your rank, more visitors to your website and hence more leads. Everything starts with ranking higher in the search rankings and our SEO services for Doctors accomplishes it for you.

SEO for Doctors

SMO Services for Doctors

If Google is the most popular website in the world, Facebook is the second and YouTube is the third most in the list. Facebook, Twitter, and other Social media platforms are like the next pit stop for the users after search engines. While SEO services for Doctors can take care of your search engine rankings to build your credibility and presence, our SMO services for Doctors take care of your social media presence that locks the deal for good.

A prospective patient looks out into the web for medical services only when he needs them, but as for social media he always around for you to reach him and that is what makes Social media a crucial part of your Digital Marketing Strategy. Unlike other digital media platforms, Social Media is the best way to connect and interact with your patients, share your knowledge, subtly market your expertise, promote yourself and thus improve your brand image and client base in the process. It helps you build a huge network which directly boosts your identity, help you connect with a medical professional in your domain. Moreover, an expertly built social media strategy can improve your search engine rankings, which is a win-win for your website.

Though major users of social media are millennials, elder folks are having a taste of social media slowly which is why a carefully crafted and executed social media strategy is a must for an outstanding return on investment.

Social Media Marketing for Healthcare Services
 SMO Services for Doctors
 PPC Services for Doctors

PPC Services for Doctors

Earning a top spot on the search engine rankings (Doctor SEO) and building social media network to improve leads (SMO for Doctors) demand a lot of hard work, skills and more importantly, time. If you are in need of instant results (more traffic and better leads), our ‘PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services for Healthcare professionals’ is your way to go. It is fast effective and gets you the results.

Google AdWords is the most popular form of PPC available which lets you cut the queue and place yourself at the top of search rankings. Similarly, PPC services offered by Social Media platforms help you target users of a specific age, gender demographic and that is the most efficient way to maximize your leads.

It is not necessary that the above order has to be followed. Every phase below can be implemented individually or simultaneously based on the requirements of the client and the status of the medical website

PPC for Healthcare Professionals

Digital Marketing for Doctors: Why Choose Samskriti Business Solutions?

Because we make you stand out!

Being one of the best Digital Marketing firms in Hyderabad, Samskriti Business Solutions has made name for itself by helping medical and healthcare professionals all around the world reach patients online, with Digital Marketing. And we have since grown into a go-to choice for popular Doctors and Hospitals in the medical field.

At Samskriti, we are committed to help Doctors around the world help patients online effectively and easily. We work from ground up for you, i.e. we help you create your website with compelling content, we formulate an effective SEO, SMO & PPC strategies and execute them to perfection to improve your web traffic and help you reach out to the patients looking for medical help.

We offer complete Digital Marketing Services for Medical and Healthcare professionals that are tailor-made for Doctors and Hospitals. We particularly specialize in SEO, SMO, SMM and PPC services that serve all the medical practices that not only make you visible but helps your stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what our clients say about us:

Dr. Gokhale

Our association with Samskriti Business Solutions is a little over 3 years. During this time, we had the satisfaction taking the help of highly competent and passionate group who delivered their promises in time. They proficiency is very impressive and we recommend their services to anyone who needs net based solutions.

Dr Gokhale - MS, M.Ch, DNB, SMP (IIM-C)
Dr. Niraj Vora

Samskriti Business Solutions has been a great help in maximising my ability to reach out to my patients. I could achieve great results through their high integrity services.

Dr Niraj Vora - M.B.B.S, M.S.(Orth)
Dr. Ajay

Iam very pleased to post a review for Samskriti and team , I have been using there services since last 3 yrs and very much satisfied with the results and the courteous nature of the staff, they have been giving me on time A-Z solutions related to web based solutions and social media . I would definitely recommend there services to anybody looking for complete digital solutions. Thank you very happy to partner with u guys.

Dr Ajay Krishna -(Focus Dental Care) BDS, MDS Prosthodontist and Implantologist
Jwalant Mehta

Samskriti Business Solutions are a group of outstandingly professionals with an exceptional creative and networking talent. They have helped evolve and modernize my web presence and have helped me to reach out to my patients, current and future.

Jwalant S. Mehta - MS (Orth), D (Orth),
Sridevi Fertility

We have been associated with Samskriti for over two years and we are happy with their professional approach and attitude towards the social media marketing. Their approach is unbiased and methodical towards any issues which we have encountered.

Dr Swetha - MBBS , MS – Obstetrics & Gynaecology

I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by your team. Especially Sirisha was very helpful & always available for any assistance I needed even on holidays.

Dr Dr .Ranjit Kumar P - M.D.S., FICOI

With Samskriti, you never again have to worry about your Online Marketing for your medical practice. Focus on your patients and leave the Digital Marketing to us!