In 2014, Google had updated some important algorithm techniques and it created huge panic in the market. But now the agenda is clear that Google stopped showing the less valuable pages in their list. There are some seo strategies to increase traffic is still works a lot. Top 5 seo strategies are given below.

1. Hummingbird phrases for seo

Now best seo services companies in Hyderabad use the accurate keywords and phrases in your article body and meta-tags. Earlier it was used as the single keyword but not it is suggested to use the long tail keywords. For example, if you are writing about cars then maintain the brand name or describe it within few matching words like ‘best fascinating cars’. So visitors can reach your site instantly when they search by this accurate keyword. Your keyword should contain some informational, structural and navigational meanings. This is one of the top seo strategies.

2. Structural link building

It is very important to use some structural links in your site. Some links do not describe any words and visitors do not get interested to click on such links anymore because they do not have any idea about the redirected page. You can use some links with some keywords. On the other part, too many links can hurt your site ranking. It is suggested to use relevant links in your article body and if you want to post many links then you can divide them into separate pages of your site. You can hire 10 search engine optimization companies Hyderabad also.

3. Effective structural links

Seo solution companies in Hyderabad paste several links in your separate pages and mark them as editorial, citation and broken link building. Write or search some relevant article on other sites and post your links on these topics. You can find some similar websites and link them with your portal.

4. Location identification

It is better to use the seo site according to your location and track your IP address. It can generate valuable and authentic search result and traffic analysis strategies.

5. Secure redirection

Now HTTPS is treated as a ranking signal. You have to install the HTTPS with SSL method in your site and personal server. It is a paid service.

It is recommended to consult best search engine optimization companies in Hyderabad and update your site successfully. For further suggestion you can contact with some seo services company in Hyderabad.

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