People are inclining more towards keyword groups to increase their powerful online presence. However, they tend to forget another important aspect of Google ranking, and that is user behavior. The strong evidence of this ranking factor can help in optimizing user metrics and boost the performance of SERP position. The executives of this company are now mentioning over the past few years that searchers’ behavioral influence plays an important role in increasing page ranking. Ways in which user interact form an important part of the algorithm.

Going through the first step

CTR forms an integral part of behavioural metrics, which help in increasing the value of your website. Even though, there is no optimal CTR available, but Google, however, expect that depending on the query, it might fall into one range.In case, you are planning to list falls outside the chosen expected range then Google might think and re-rank the result once again, based on real time value. You are asked to avail the help of Google analytic webmaster tools for improving your CTR service.

Pogo sticking is another point

In case, the searcher went for SERP, it means that the result page was not of a good quality. In case user pogo sticks to such results, Google might rank down the page. Therefore, these pogo sticks need to be reduced. How can it be done? For the primary spot, you need to improve page loading time, as searchers feel irritated in case the page bounce back. You are even asked to remove or presently, limit the distracting pop-ups. You can even try to add some site search, so that if the initial results are not quite satisfactory, they can still look into the website, rather than hoping back.

Last is the dwell time

Dwell time is mainly stated as a time when a searcher clicks on a link till the time he moves back to SERP. A longer dwelling time means that the page was useful enough. It means Google will re-rank and list your website on top. You are asked to work harder to improve the dwell time. For that, you can avail help from Website Auditor, for checking out on broken links.

Other improvement tricks to follow

You need to work hard on dwell time if you want to stay right on the top. Enhance the quality of content, with free-flowing write-ups. You are even asked to create some task-oriented pages and analyze some queries, which help in the completion of a task. Entice the searchers to spend some extra time on your website, by offering additional information on landing pages. Encourage people to start exploring and work on present results. It is always vital to follow the simple yet important SEO practices, like user behavior. It works wonder for better human traffic.

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