Google has always kept its role in enhancing the results through continues advancement in adding additional features to AdWords campaign. Google Ad Extensions is the latest new feature to improve the performance of the AdWords Campaign. The extension features include up-gradation of phone and site link extensions along with offer extension and seller ratings. The new Google Ad Extensions allows you to create an extension for your ad group or campaign, through which you can enhance the performance. You can also have a perfect control over your ads with extensions.

Site Link Extension: Site-link extensions are helpful to emphasize the promotions and price-point rewards of the client.

  • Google update allows you to add site-link descriptions (Ad-words earlier chose text from other ads for site link details) which is an exclusive way to increase CTR and leads and generate better results for your PPC campaign.
  • The performance data can be reported in detail with each and specific extension for each individual campaign. This will help to evaluate and judge your campaign performance for each extension for instance including individual site-links.
  • You have the flexible option of editing your extensions without changing or resetting your performance statistics. You have the option to edit extension in non enhanced campaigns, create new extension and delete the edited one.
  • You can evaluate each extension separately, the approved site-links can be eligible to appear on your ads, and you can also have mobile customised extensions and locator specific extensions for site links.
  • You can specify and schedule your start and end date for the extensions to run or set it to run on particular time period for instance a week or during any specific scheduled event.
  • Sitelink extensions are helpful to emphasize the promotions and price-point rewards of the client. With Sitelink extensions you can target the user by sending the user to the specific landing page allowing him to choose from different options.

Offer/Seller Ratings/Call Extension: Call extensions, Seller ratings and Offer extensions are the major extensions considered for improving ad campaign performance by spending quality time to manage the campaign.

  • Advertisers can have the flexibility to include their business phone number in text ads which makes it easier for customer to call you just with a click direct from the PPC ad. It is really a great idea for clients to enhance their business in quick notes.
  • Call extensions are more efficient for mobile campaigns where you can directly call from phone number on the ad extensions on just a click.

Samskriti Business Solutions manages to implement the latest ad extensions to the Ad campaigns and ad groups for arriving at the best results.