If you are an e-commerce retailer, you need to follow SEO techniques that are powerful, so that your SEO e-commerce campaign reaches its objectives. Your business success depends upon how strong is your SEO team and whether the strategies being followed for marketing are giving you the results. According to surveys, the reality which comes to the surface is that a majority of e-commerce stores have been failing for some reason or other. Here is a quick look into the reasons of such failure, which can help you to streamline your marketing campaign in the right way, so as to give you the expected returns on your investment.

1.    Weak URL Structure – Unnecessary long and meaningless URLs can be harmful for your e-commerce website. URLs which search engines and readers cannot make out on the exact nature of the product or category will not be followed. This will serve no purpose for SEO and hence the site can be left without any visitors entering it. The URL needs to be simple and concise containing the product or category name or the main keyword, so that it is immediately crawled by the search engines.

2.    Unorganized Website Structure – The structural part of any website is the most important part in web designing, because, the pages need to be understood by both the search engines and the readers. If the website is not properly organized with the pages being linked to the home page through an easy and fewer numbers of clicks, the site is unlikely to be optimized by the search engines let alone the readers, who may desert the site midway through before the stage of “call to action” is reached. Readers will need no more than three clicks to navigate, if the website is properly structured.

3.    Thin Content – Web pages of e-commerce sites, which contain no keywords and rich information about the activities of the business and are just lengthy in word count do not stand a chance to be optimized or to engage readers to go through the content. These types of websites could be penalized by Google, leading to a disaster for the website. Such websites should have, as suggested by SEO experts a minimum of 1000 words, which should ensure that. The product listing, categories and core web pages include relevant content and provides rich information.

4.    Duplicate Content – Duplicate content is a common cause for e-commerce websites failing to be optimized by search engines. It is the product descriptions, Session IDs, pages which are printer friendly and URL parameters are the most causes of duplicate content, which become detrimental to the success of an e-commerce marketing campaign.

In order to be successful in SEO e-commerce campaign, these mistakes should be avoided. Professional SEO experts can be the best persons to take care.

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