We all are eagerly awaiting for the latest version of penguin algorithm of Google. The version 4.0 is all set for release by the end of 2015 as per the sources. The webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes informed that the release will happen soon in the last two months of this year that is appreciable in all accounts and prospects.

While we wait anxiously for Google’s latest version of Penguin, it is important to understand that impact and influence that it will have on the online world and digital landscape in a holistic manner.

  • Detection of spams: It may be well apprehended that while now Google detects the spam links on a website in a comprehensive manner. Penguin will now impact this detection and inspection in a great deal after its arrival.
  • Regain ranking: It is true that after the launch of Penguin in 2012, it was aimed at detecting those sites who are spamming their search results by buying links as well as through network of links. The latest arrival will ensure that those who have removed the bad links will regain search rankings.
  • Real time status: The greatest attribute of this version will be that it will be a real time version that will have impact on an immediate basis. The websites who are making efforts to remove the spam links will have an immediate impact on their search results in a more positive manner that is appreciable and a great news for all of us.
  • Auditing the profile of your link: It is important for you to audit and keep a sharp eye on the profile of your link so that it works smoothly and aligns itself to the new penguin in all proportions. It should be noted in this aspect that last minute checking is essential for effective preparation for penguin.
  • Recovery of webmaster: The latest version will help all those webmasters who were hit by the update of 2014 about the penguin. They have much better chances of recovery as there are no signs of refreshing that updating and it is a great signal for all of those websites.

While you make plans for effective recovery and aligning yourself with the latest version coming in the next couple of months, it is important for you to vary any external links that you use with long and descriptive structures of keywords and anchor an equal distribution in all aspects. Evaluate your backlinks and enable them with compliance.

The latest version of Penguin is truly a great reward for compliance and quality adherence. It will mark more transparency in the processes that are adopted by the companies in the search engine platform and the ones with a healthy and disciplined process will be able to define excellence in all aspects.

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