Samskriti Business Solutions is a Digital Marketing and Web Partner for the upcoming social momentum – Walk For Water Event to take place on March 22nd 2016 on World Water Day. The Social Momentum is being promoted through Digital Media. Samskriti Business Solution's Entire Team has joined the blue revolution club, and pledged for ‪Saving Water‬ to this social cause and showing our Corporate Social Responsibility as team to the society. Marching towards the event, there is an on-going pledging and signature drive program to create an awareness to wider range of audience through different modes of communication channels.

Walk for Water has been conceived as a people’s movement and is poised to be chartered in the history of the modern world. Walk for Water carries a noble purpose of making everyone in the world feel responsible to water.

Walk for Water is an NGO Set up with the sole aim of bringing clean water to one and all. Walk for Water not only looks at smarter water treatment plants as a business idea but also considers it a sacred social duty to be performed, addressing the 11th hour urgent need of providing safe water, affordable water and sanitation needs to all the public of this country.

Walk for Water NGO treats close to one billion litres of water everyday across the globe. Let’s add up and build a human barrage to save water. Let’s join hands by making this social revolution that was sown in Hyderabad two years ago take roots across the Nation. The walk will be on 22nd March coinciding with the “World Water Day“.

Mr. Karunakar Reddy - CEO at Smaat India Private Limited and Founder - Walk for Water NGO Setup has graced the occasion and made it a remarkable one.

Samskritians‬ and ‪Sravan Kumar Paka‬, CEO and Founder, Samskriti and ‪‎TVS Rami Reddy‬, Vice President of Operations and Creative Head of Samskriti have pledged today.