Samskriti Business Solutions had its 9 Anniversary on 21st august 2017 and we moved ahead in our pursuit of success and glories with head held high. The team arrived at the Farm Stay nestled in the lush green and serenity filled Prajnapur, away from the hustle bustle of Hyderabad. The team members were all enjoying the glorious sunny day as rains seemed to take a break alongside our office work for a day. As everyone settled into the comfy chair in the open park for an orientation and enjoyment filled games to lift the decibel noise a notch further. From giving an introduction in Telugu to leaking the funniest incident in office, every member of Samskriti added their own spices and jokes to bring laughter and noise around the office. After the run of games that involved both the boys and girl gang fighting a tense battle to see who can make the longest chain and Boys did win though but girls won the heart for their contribution.

Everyone was exhausted and so everyone gathered together for the sumptuous lunch which had all the necessary cuisine and spice to make everyone to eat to their fullest. With a dessert to even up the eventful afternoon, it was time for Cricket to take the center stage on the already enjoyment filled day. With Two teams in the field led respectively by Mr Sravan Kumar Paka – CEO and Mr Rami – Design Head with Uber competition in the field. Mr Rami’s team won the match and every one enjoyed the match and the camaraderie between the members was the best bit.

After the sweating and toiling in the field, everyone departed for the pool to relax and enjoy amidst the cool evening air while soaking up some rest. Fun and frolic accompanied the boys while the girls took the moment to play some badminton and enjoy some bonding talks.

After the glorious sunshine had departed for evening rains, the weather turned cool to welcome the Samskriti Members for the cake cutting occasion to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Samskriti Business Solutions. The cake was cut amidst the applause from the team members and the celebration mood turned joyous. Mr Sravan gave a rousing speech about the company pursuit of success and glories as senior leaders of Samskriti Business Solutions- Mr Shyam Prasad- Head of digital Marketing and Mr Rami- Head of Design Process inspired us with their speeches. The team members working for the last 5 years and putting their best efforts to catapult Samskriti Business Solutions into one of the renowned names in digital Marketing World were honored with mementos. Mr Sravan gave an exciting update about the company upcoming plans in regard to a new place of work plus outlining new business plans. Samskriti Business solutions has unveiled new clients and plans to shift to Maheshwari Chambers-Khairatabad from 1st January, 2018. Senior members of the company gave their refreshing talks on the Samskriti plans for the upcoming year and the exciting work coming to the members to make their name.

An exciting caveat of honoring the best employee of the year from next year onwards drew the largest cheer from the team members. The dinner accompanies the celebratory mood with the Dance floor had its share of members coming together to dance through the happy moments. As the night welcomes the hard and tired members who had enjoyed the glorious day with full gusto.

The next day, 22nd august was welcomed with a breakfast and tea for the members and then we departed for the office. Work started as usual and sky is the limit for the Samskriti Business Solutions team.

Employees Gratitude on Grand Occasion reflected on Facebook Celebrations Post