The August has to be the most exciting month of the year for all of us folks at Samskriti. August marks the closing of the business year which means we slog our way to reach the deadlines and end it with a blast of an Anniversary party.

Our anniversary is the most special day for us at Samskriti. It is the day we bask in the glory of the successful year and it is also the day we get prepped up for the challenges, the next year is going to present us with. The auspicious day is a total getaway from our daily grind and is the ‘Samskriti’ way to re-energize ourselves.

Our CEO Mr. Sravan Kumar Paka surely pulled a surprise this time with his choice of destination: The Holy Tirupathi.

The Holy Trip

As our Eicher Traveller nimbly scaled up the famous ghat road of Tirumala, we were left enchanted by the majestic snow-clad hills on either side. The glow of morning mist, the tender sun, the cool and soothing breeze that kissed our faces as we anted through the hill, the chirping of the birds, the smell of fresh air; the morning run through the sacred Tirumala hills not only warmed our senses but also cleansed our soul from the residue of the daily grind.

As we finally got past the last of the hills, we found ourselves at almost 1000 meters above sea level, in the humble abode of Shri Venkateshwara. It’s a place that was continuously abuzz with the holy chats, temple bells and an aroma sacredness imbibed into it. And our walk to the darshan finally began.

In The Presence of His Holiness

Should it be any other place, those long queues, lengthy saunters, the vexing wait times could have been debilitating, but not in Tirumala. Never did once we felt it arduous .The entire 3 hours was filled with energetic chants and lively chats. If the majesty and grandiose of the hills cleansed our mind, the long walk to the darshan did the same to our physical body. And when we finally casted our eyes on the holy lord in the inner sanctum, we forgot everything and slipped into the timeless state for those brief moments.

It was almost evening as we returned to our hotel down the hills. If it was the majestic morning that left us in awe, Tirumala was its glorious self in the evening as well. As we slowly descended the hills through the ghat roads, we were greeted a 360-degree panoramic view of the sun-soaked hill range, dynamic valleys with thriving flora and fauna slowly merging with the city landscape of pucca houses and concrete building.

That’s the thing about reaching the top, the view is breath-taking.

The Party

As soon as we reached the hotel we were greeted with a dazzling party hall, dance floor, DJ and all the adrenaline rushing paraphernalia that the sight was enough for us to lift our spirits. Clad in party attire every family member of Samskriti were in fresh out of the oven mood to devour the part night. The party began at 7 p.m. with our beloved CEO announcing our company’s milestones of the year and newly added employee benefits. Every accomplishment and announcement were met with loudest of cheers and some of the notable highlights are:


  • First and foremost. Samskriti Business Solutions has closed another successful year with a winning note. Our client was highly satisfied with our work and we yet again have crossed the profit lines successfully.
  • Having successfully delivered our most prestigious data management projects to date, SBS is all set to launch its new sister company with employees as its stakeholders.

Employee Benefits

  • SBS is all set for expansion at our current location with plush office space to add a completely dedicated refreshment center for the employees.
  • As a part of employee care program, SBS has decided to fully sponsor all the health and wellness activities of the employees. Under this program, the SBS employees can enroll in any healthcare or fitness programs available in Hyderabad at free of cost. In addition to this, all the family members of the employees receive a 24/7 medical care absolutely free.

Every accomplishment was met with a loudest of the cheers, and the best performing employees were awarded and rewarded. The party soon was driven into a jubilant mood with team dances, ramp walks, fun games, singing sessions, and whatnot? The dance floor was the busiest place in that large party hall with every team member shaking the leg to the foot-tapping song numbers. The night rolled on with energetic dances, chants, hurrahs and sweat dripping faces and we were not sure when exactly the party ended. In the morning?

The night completely exhausted us, sure. But where do you think we landed to replenish ourselves?

Answer: One of the highest waterfalls in South India – The Talakona.

There is something so astonishing about Mother Nature. It fills us with joy, peace and brings out the inner child in everyone, no matter how exhausted you are. If you don’t believe it, you should have seen our team relishing every moment under the water. While we were only spectators of the majesty if green nature in Tirupathi, the Talakona turned us into connoisseurs of eternal green nature in all its true glory.

The 3-day trip was filled with majestic hills, glorious waterfalls, astonishing greenery, foot-tapping music and energetic dances, sumptuous feasts and cocktails, a perfect blend of everything we need to get refresh ourselves. Somehow our CEO, the wise man Mr. Sravan Kumar Paka sensed our need and presented us with the most memorable trip of 2019.

We were all back to our places by Thursday and everyone is staunch on time on Friday for work sipping their green tea, engrossed in their daily tasks. That is how we roll at Samskriti, we work hard and party harder.

On a side note

As I write this I retrospect, while a dazzling beach party marked our success-tour of 2018 and majestic hills and waterfalls witnessed our 2019’s success party, what’s it gonna be for 2020? Only our CEO knows.