We are delighted to announce that our CEO,Mr. Sravan Kumar Paka, has been honored by the State Government for his outstanding contributions to Telangana's IT industry growth.

In recognition of his role and contribution, Mr. Sravan was presented with the award of excellence and a commemorative memento by the district collector during the prestigious "Telangana Industrial Growth Festival" on 6th June 2023.

Samskriti in Karimnagar: Mr. Sravan's Vision & Government's Initiative

A passionate engineer turned successful entrepreneur, Mr. Sravan Kumar has always envisioned extending our services to his native city of Karimnagar.

A vocal advocate of IT expansion in Telangana, his goal was to foster growth and provide employment opportunities for skilled professionals in the region. This vision seamlessly aligned with the Telangana government's initiative to expand IT services in Tier-II cities in 2018. As a result, Samskriti Business Solutions has successfully expanded its footprint to Karimnagar, bringing our expertise and contributing to the development of IT services.

Leveraging government support, we meticulously recruited and trained new IT talent through our stringent local hiring policies. Today, our Karimnagar branch seamlessly collaborates with our Hyderabad headquarters to help us deliver IT & Digital Marketing Services across the globe. And this wouldn't have been possible without the consistent support from the Government.

"Honoured to play a role in expanding IT landscape" - Mr. Sravan Kumar Paka.

Today we are truly honored to receive recognition for our contribution towards the growth of Telangana's IT industry and the expansion of its landscape. This appreciation reinforces our motivation to deliver exceptional services and foster ecosystem development.

Our sincere gratitude goes to the Government of Telangana for acknowledging our CEO's contributions and recognizing the positive impact of our role. We remain steadfast in our commitment and eagerly anticipate expanding our operations in Karimnagar, driving further growth and development.