Google’s incessant practice of enlightening the agencies (search engine marketing agencies, web development firms, and online marketing companies) is to help SMB’s with their online marketing. It helps many businesses and individuals in exploring global business opportunities with Google. Samskriti Business Solutions had the privilege to be one of the participants in the latest Google Engage for Agencies Event 2013 held on 19th February 2013 at Lemon Tree Premier, Hi-tech City.

The event was an idle concept to impart knowledge and give access to participatory agencies through free training, and easy to handle exclusive tools. The event gave the participants an exploring knowledge from collecting keywords, creating great ads, Google reporting and usage of optimization tools for maximizing a client's return on their advertising investment.

The training sessions were exclusively on basic and advance concepts of Google Partner and explaining agencies on how to certify and get through GCP (Google Certification Program). The sessions were conducted by Ms. Amitha Monga, Agency Trainer at Google. Around 12 – 15 companies have participated in the event and nearly 50 participants has enthusiastically gained knowledge. It was a great opportunity for Samskriti to be one of the prestigious agencies to be a part of the Google Engage for Agencies Event 2013. Amita has explained the concepts of PPC campaign and usage of Google Partner and gave the details about enhanced campaigns. Added to this, they also gave orientation on YouTube PPC ads, ad formats, YouTube media purchase options and related insights on YouTube which is the second largest search engine next to Google.

Samskriti Business Solutions gained great insights from “Google Engage for Agencies” event to help SMBs with their online marketing.

Ms.Pranaya, SEM Team Lead: says:

“The Google Engage for Agencies programme offered the training and support on Google Partner and how Google Certification benefits the agencies and their clients. The Agency having Google Partner Certification is a nice trust signal for prospective clients and the additional benefit having Google Certification is, we will be listed in Google's Certified Partner’s database and when people search the database for certain criteria, they can find our company and that can become a lead for us.

“It was a great experience attending the event and spending time with Google Certified Professionals for six hours and understanding the concepts on Google Partner basics and advanced, You Tube Search Marketing, Enhanced Campaigns and the importance of Google Certification Program (GCP). The event was very inspirational and motivated all the companies and individuals to be Google Certified Partner and Google Certified Individual as well”

Mr.P. Srikanth Babu, Senior SEM Analyst says:

“This event was hosted for a unique gathering of leaders in online marketing who are Google Certified Partners. It was one of my best times to attend the GCP training event in Hyderabad. There was a lot of great information on how individuals and agencies are going to get benefited by Google Certification Program in this event.

It was a good start-up by "Amita Monga" (Agency Trainer from Google) briefing us and explaining about Google Partner (like keyword collection, match types, Keyword segregation, Ad copy writing, account structuring, optimization, AdWords policies, Avg.CPC charges, display networks, Remarketing, AdWords API, structuring and functioning of MCC accounts etc A to Z of Google Partner). She spent about 6 hours to give complete refreshment to the attendees about Google Partner in a bigger picture. I really had great refreshment on Google Partner after a long time.

In the entire event, I was much eager to know about the "Enhanced Campaigns" session to explore about the upcoming new changes in the near future. Amita had given a clear picture on how campaigns are going to be in future, bidding strategies, Geographic & Demographic targeting etc.

The overall session was very informative and it was a real pleasure for me to get such valuable insights on Google Partner.”