Hyderabad saw the coming together of the digital marketing doyens for a thoughtful and intense discussion on Digital Marketing. Digital Summit held on December 9th 2017 was an event to appreciate and write about.

Top Digital Marketing companies and experts all gathered under one roof to discuss the challenges surrounding the world of digital marketing. A day of reckoning and enlightenment as leading lights of digital field spoke on the emerging trends while taking a sneak peek into the future. Digital Marketing luminaries like the Subhendhu Pattnaik, Navneet Kaushal, Sudheer Sivapuram, Karanam Srikanth among all. Samskriti Business Solution made their presence felt in the summit with a full-fledged team of 6 members. The team members got itself immersed in the thoughtful and ebullient mood of the summit. The digital summit event started around 10.30 AM with a formal introduction about the event and the purpose of it. Seeking to transcend the world of digital with the message about its growing impact on the economy and the businesses. First to speak was Mr. Subhendhu Pattnaik Director of Marketing, Cigniti who spoke eloquently about the chat bots and their impending success. Apps have revolutionized the digital age with their appealing design and focus on consumers. Bots are already streaming into the websites for real time conversations with prospective and new consumers. Deriving real time conversion with the aid of chat bots would be defining part of the new age of growth. Next big wave is of more AI enabled Chat Bots paving the way for seamless transition.

Around 12 PM, Navneet Kaushal CEO, PageTraffic giving a brief yet explanatory talks about the traffic growth in internet fueled revolution. He gave information crucial to any project success in the digital world as he brought forth the selection of keywords for any project. He explained the initial point of the keywords search volume is pretty low but after a passage of times, the search volumes will rack up. He demolished the myths and inaccuracies surrounding the keywords.

Third speaker to grace the function was Sudheer Sivapuram, CEO & Co-Founder, Digital Funnel Global Inc. Spoke about the world of Integrated Marketing and its brilliant impact on the digital marketing stage. Future looks bright he concluded and we concurred with him. After hours of brilliant introspection and words from the brilliant speakers, we all freshened up with lunch. Karanam Srikanth, Digital Head, Marketing Genius at Work underline the gap between the client’s expectations and the work delivery. He ascertained the growing difficulty in matching client expectations. SEO projects takes time to fulfill its potential, he underlined the need to educate the client in details about the process thus keeping them in loop while delivering success in a time bound manner.

Samskriti gave an account of the works being done and delivered with a brief but concise description by Sirisha, Digital Marketing Manager, Samskriti Business Solutions. Talked about the diverse work being done and delivered to the client’s spread across Europe, America and India. After the introduction, we had a pretty intense and education filled panel discussion by all the 4 members who spoke. Awards for BizBrand Contributors / Industry Experts / Agencies were handed over with applause. There was a special award handed over to Sravan Kumar Paka, CEO and Founder, Samskriti Business Solutions for his efforts in the Digital Marketing field. Last but not the least, we oversaw the cake cutting to commemorate the occasion and a closing note delivered. People look forward to the next chapter in the Digital Summit with bated breath.

Samskriti Business Solutions worked with Digital Summit as the Diamond sponsor. A day for joy as Samskriti was the diamond sponsor for the event and we let the world know us as a successful Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad that is Google AdWords Certified Partner and Microsoft Advertising Certified Company providing online marketing services to clients across the globe.