Samskriti Business Solutions understand the value of time perfectly as it welcomes the new year with new hopes and aspirations. Welcoming the new year in our own imitable style was Samskriti Business Solutions members. As the clock hit the 4 pm mark, everyone arose to welcome the festive cheer as the work was sidelined to let the fun flow in the office. Preparation for the games were on swing from morning as the usual items and games materials were collected for the fun. Teams were being made as team captains were choosing their members to emerge as winners. Rivalry was on as tensions arose as new games were played and designed while excitement reached a feverish pitch. Games like knocking the cup was exciting to the full hilt as each team member tried to outdo the other. People cheered each member as it felt like the world cup final celebrations. People made strategies as the games were reaching the peak of brilliance. The game showed the patience and ingenuity in winning such innovative sports which relied primarily on skills and innovation.

As the games went on so did the snacks time and breaks beckoned. Team ceased their incessant gaming mood and took a breather. Cold drinks, sweets and the snacks came as the people chatted about their plans for the new year. Games begin with a bang again as people searched for the winning team. The games ended and the winners were declared with mementos and gifts handed over. As Samskriti believes in the adage “Everyone is a winner”, we handed over new year gifts to everyone to carry to their homes. A brilliant designed new year calendar in tandem with a delicious assembled sweets was the icing on the cake. Everyone departed with wishes for the new year as people wished good fortune to each one and their loved ones. 2018 will be the year to watch as Samskriti Business Solutions embark again on an adventurous and ambitious journey.