December 31, 2021.

As we entered our Samskriti office on our last work for the year 2021, we were pleasantly greeted by a familiar yet unique and zestful party ambience. Familiar, because it flooded us with zestful memories, and unique because of high spirited and peppy vibes the themes brought out, and why not? It’s been a long time since our last celebration at our office and also a much needed break from our daily grind.

But we are not the only ones to feel so. Our colleagues at our satellite office in Karimnagar were already enroute to their first-ever new year celebrations at our Karimnagar office and were even more excited to kick start the proceedings.

As the lively music filled the floor and set the tone, the next few hours in both offices were filled with fun, laughter and merriment. At Hyderabad office, we let ourselves loose, partied our way into fun party games.

Participation was mandatory - only a few did win, but everyone had rollicking fun. And then it was time for us to reflect upon our highs and lows of the year and who else better than the main man himself.

The Transition From A Challenging Year:

While the pandemic engulfed the world 2020 proved out to be a low-key year, 2021 witnessed an unflagging attitude from Team Samskriti. We pulled everything together to deliver exceptional services to our clients, clinched every opportunity by its neck to bag new ones.

As result, we have retained all our clients, added a few more global players in tech and e-commerce to our list. Our young talent at a satellite office in Karimnagar had hit the ground running this 2021 and played a significant role in expanding our services and also our clientele.

Streamlined efforts & strong work culture made consistent results possible - strong pillars were laid in this year 2021 and we are all set for an optimistic and fruitful 2022.

“We have got a lot of work to do, and we are equipped & perfectly placed to get it done” – Mr Sravan Kumar Paka, CEO, Samskriti Business Solutions.

In his candid New Year speech our CEO Mr Sravan Paka has pinpointed all our achievements in the past year and spoke about the improvements, and goals we set for ourselves for the coming year.

“I commend everyone on Team Samskriti for their dedicated hard work and commitment throughout this demanding year.

The results do take their time and we are already seeing a tide of change. 2021 has been our year of transition from low-key 2020 to promising 2022 and I sincerely hope we continue our good work and reach the goals we set for ourselves in 2022. Once again have a blessed, happy challenging New Year 2022”, concluded Mr. Sravan with his gracious smile.

Our team was presented with New Year memorabilia, gifts and sweets and prized for the games. And our CEO had to bustle to Karimnagar to catch up and celebrate this New Year with our young team while we virtually got to connect with them on Zoom.

The high-spirited day that flowed like a river of joy has happened as a perfect break from our daily grind - a respite to help us refresh and set up for yet another exciting year.

Wish us luck!