December 31, 2019.

Ever saw a battery in an electric circuit?

With all its energy packed inside, it drives the whole circuit, silently. Want to know how magnificent the same bundle of energy can be? Just connect an electric bulb across the battery and you will witness it yourself. As you tread-in the bulb and complete the circuit, electricity rushes in and lights the bulb in an instant before you know it.

And that’s how we folks roll at our crib here at Samskriti Business Solutions. Any regular day, we work as a smooth internal machine without a whiff of noise and frenzy but the minute our office event arrives, the whole office lights up like crazy.

And what could be better than New Year Celebrations?

Fun Aplenty for New Year 2020

Our swank work arena was already balloon clad and as the clock struck a perfect 2:00, our tables made way for the party paraphernalia. In came our favourite chocolate cake and the loud cheer after the cake cutting ceremony served as a drumroll for our New Year celebrations.

There is something so endearing about office party games, these simple yet fun activities bring out the child in everyone. All the employees were split into two teams: Samskriti A and Samskriti B and the fun began. As Samskriti A wiz past the B team in the first event, B came back strongly in the second one.

The straw competition was lit-up by our team leaders and like all the close shaves, a fun controversy ensued, but all in good spirit. The hand and foot game made us bend our backs and dumb charades was when the whole space went buzzing and booing while competition unfolded into a captivating affair. All the balloon games when down to the wire with Samskriti B inching out their competition at the last minute. It was neck to neck affair and the scorecard after all the games read a tie, nothing could be more apt for the efforts of both the teams.

All the games were amusing and lively: limitless energy, enthusiasm, and comradery were on display. Prizes were distributed for everyone, why? Because the idea was to break the routine and give a refreshing start to the New Year 2020 and, that made every one of us, a clear winner.

On to our next challenge: A successful 2020.