Samskriti Business Solution's Team Outing @ Surya Lanka Beach, Bapatla, Guntur was an altogether exiting experience for all the team members in pleasant atmosphere. The team cheered in fun and enjoyed the natural beauty of the beach. Suryalanka Beach is situated at a distance of 8.5 kilometres from the town of Bapatla, in Guntur district.

The shore of the beach was wide and spacious with the overlooks of the crystal blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. It is the nearest beach from Hyderabad in Telangana. It was a small and beautiful beach that created many pleasant moments for the team. In the journey towards the beach, team have enjoyed the glimpses of Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.

A campfire in resort was arranged for the team, where all had a great time playing games, dancing, singing and having the spices of food in pleasant beach. The team stayed in a beautiful resort near to beach area for two days.

They played a lot of indoor games and also beach volleyball. It was a real fun playing beach volleyball held between two teams who were split selecting team mates of different teams. All employees participated enthusiastically in each and every game together as a team and also as individuals.

The team had a good swim in the drizzling water that took every one cheer around in high spirits. The highlight of the outing was the dashing dance of one of the team member in the bus during journey. It was a perfect week end gateway to cheer in beach for all team.

They had enjoyed every bit of swimming and sunbath without feeling squeezed as the beach was spacious. The experience was truly amazing and unique, and offered a wonderful respite from hustle and bustle of city life. The resort had air-conditioned rooms with the pleasant and serene ambience. The accommodation was brilliant and had every bit of requirements.