Samskritians‬ and ‪HMWSSB‬ (HYDERABAD METROPOLITAN WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE BOARD) Team have successfully participated in Human Chain of Solidarity and Walkathon (Walk For Water) at 7.30 AM today on the occasion of ‎World Water Day‬ - March 22 2016 from PJR Statue, Khairatabad Circle to Somajiguda Circle. Samskritians have performed a skit on "Importance of Water" and "How to Preserve Water For Future Use" @ HMWSSB Office.

Walk for Water is an NGO and a driving initiate by Smaat India Pvt. Ltd. It is a path breaking mass movement aiding the efforts of United Nations. The two years old movement is now coming to your cities! Be sure to stand beside your brethren, be sure to become a foot soldier in fighting for water. Listen to the alarm bells ringing loud, saying that your days are counted when you will be extremely hard put to access source of water in India and life could be in danger. Yes, this is the present Indian scenario of the water issue and we, ourselves should take the blame upon us for causes that have led to this situation. Time has come when we should handle this issue by the scruff of the neck so that the impending danger looming large upon our country can be minimized.