Samskriti Business Solutions is please announce that it is making a new centre of operations. We have brought our own new premises and shifted to it on 28 February. Samskriti is growing with each passing moment and with our ever expanding workforce, a need arose for an own customised office. Plans to move to a new office was in offing for a long time and we did it finally. On 28th February, 2018, Samskriti Business Solutions under the aegis of Sravan Kumar Paka , CEO and Founder, we signalled a new era. With the new office inaugurated and the ribbon cutting done, the enthusiasm reached a feverish high. The office was decorated with balloons, decorative items to give a festival look.

Samskriti Business Solutions have aspirations of reaching the top echelons of Digital Marketing with an effortless ease and this is just the beginning of it. Puja was conducted to invoke the blessing of the gods. People were exploring the finer points of office with everybody looking to settle down at the newly designed work space. The office looked extraordinary with the new augmented technology devices plus the spacious office spaces. Around noon, we had the plans for a lunch to enjoy the day when we climb a ladder up in the success. We had a great lunch time at the Ohri’s in Banjara Hills, where the deliciously cooked food wetted the appetite of everyone. From the starters to the main course, everything was in a prime order. We took the opportunity to share thoughts and talks over the lunch and everyone revelled in the spirit.

The lunch at one of Hyderabad’s best food joints on the occasion would be a major talking point among us. We left the restaurant with stomach and mind on a happy note. Reaching the office and settling down to start the work was a happy reminder of our ambitions as a company. People started their work for the upcoming projects and meetings began as there is no tomorrow. Samskriti Business Solutions sees this point as the beginning of a journey to the next level. Somajiguda office kick-starts our ambitions to have our office spread across the world. 28 February is the golden date in the calendar of Samskriti Business Solutions.