India is at the cusp of greatness with economic superpower tag being attached to it as we seek to uplift the millions of people from poverty. With ambitious plans and work being done at root level, there is an optimism among the people. India is working with a single minded aim to be the best in the world and creating opportunities for the youth to explore greatness. To put the focus of the future, Igniting Minds organised the program Torch March which saw the enthusiastic participation of 5000 plus youth. Ignited Minds Torch March has traversed the whole of India in spreading the knowledge far across India with plenty of participation in North India, Western India and South India.

The Hyderabad leg of the torch march was held on 12th Jan 2018. The march started from Ramakrishna Math, Lower Tank Bund to Ravindra Bharati with 5000+ youth and eminent personalities like VV Laxminarayana IPS, Dr. Akun Sabarwal IPS, and Mr. APJ Shaik Saleem (Grandson of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam). The Torch March culimated, when, on arriving from different corners of the nation, the congregation started from Ramakrishna Math, lower Tank Bund to Ravindra Bharati on January 12, 2018. It will start as a trickle and snowball into a mass movement of positivity as it gathers momentum. The future is here and Samskriti Business Solutions were happy to be part of it. Our Business Associates Walk for Water (CEO & MD) and Igniting Minds (Editor in Chief) Mr. Karunakara M Reddy invited us to be part of the ground breaking movement. We all participated in the march whose theme was India-2022, ‘Youth of India-The Game Changers’. We all participated with full enthusiasm and worked towards making the event successful as we cheered the vision of making India stronger and resilient. The future is in our hands as we work together to bring the fruits of success to our shores. Samskriti Business solutions have always been up for any event and work tirelessly to bring awareness and knowledge to society.