Adding value to the Indian economy is on the minds of every entrepreneur and citizens alike in India. Indian economy is bullish on future outlook and economic prospects are on the up due to the efforts of the govt. and people alike. The Telangana govt. is stepping up efforts to make the State a destination for investments while generating the employment for the young enthusiastic people of Tier II cities in the state. Samskriti Business Solutions under the aegis of CEO and Founder,Sravan Kumar Paka is enjoying the responsibility in equal measure. We are a young dynamic company looking to touch the glory while being part of the govt. measures to make Tier II cities in the state as one of the best in terms of investment and revenue generation.

Telangana Minister for IT and Municipal Administration K. Taraka Rama Rao is at the center of efforts to bring investments and jobs to the Tier II cities. Karimnagar Town is one of the upcoming cities of development and growth witnessed the arrival of the minister and businessman across the globe. Sravan was part of the business entourage as the minister made an announcement regarding the sanction of the much talked about and required IT-Hub to create jobs. The towers would be constructed at a cost of ₹25 crore, sprawling over 62,000 square feet on the shores of the Lower Manair Dam reservoir. Apart from the IT hub, the state is spearheading efforts to make the citizens of Telangana well-endowed in skills required to crack the job ceiling with the establishment of Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK) center.

We are glad to be part of the project as Samskriti Business Solutions has been allocated the 50 resource space in the ambitious IT hub project. The IT tower is being constructed with much efforts and support from the state govt. The foundation event was held near Ujwala Park on Monday 8 January 2018 in the presence of the Information Technology and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao and Finance Minister, Etela Rajender and all the other eminent dignitaries.

It is really a privilege for Samskriti Business Solutions to become a part of the much-awaited IT Tower laying foundation event. On this occasion, six IT firms have signed memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with the State government, evincing interest for setting up their units in the proposed IT Tower which is being constructed to the tune of Rs 25 crore. It gives tremendous pleasure for Samskriti Business Solutions to be one of the six IT firms to sign MoUs for 50 resource space unit setup. Eight entrepreneurs from U.S.A., Australia and other parts of the country signed a memorandum of understanding with the government for setting up of their firms in the proposed IT towers and were appreciated by Mr. Rama Rao.

On the occasion, Sravan Kumar had his own say and was eloquent as ever “Tier-II cities requires a lot of infrastructure development, entrepreneur’s involvement and IT student’s dedication”. With his roots in the city of Karimnagar, one can expect Sravan being an entrepreneur to show his dedication to the idea and he made an interesting observation. He gives a lucid view about the city of Karimnagar, “it’s my utmost responsibility to take initiative in contribution of IT Hub development. Improving the face of tier II cities has been a mission from our Telangana government from the day 1”. He puts the emphasis on the need to get the growth in other Tier 2 cities after the govt. has got the ball rolling with tech hubs whose construction is underway in Warangal, Khammam”.

He elucidates further “IT hub laying foundation at Karimnagar is an indication for creating opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and rural youth”. He further adds “while improving the talent pool in our country from the rural background, thereby enhancing more employment opportunities and supporting the economy in the long run for Telangana State”. The city of Karimnagar is close to the heart of Sravan and he makes a valid point “A great opportunity for locales and NRIs of Karimnagar to join hands for the development of Karimnagar”. The State of Telangana is gearing to become the center point of attention for growth and this is just the beginning of the govt. efforts to create IT hubs across the state. Samskriti Business Solutions is proud to be part of the step and whole heartedly supports such ventures with gusto and this is just the beginning of the step. Sravan Kumar Paka being the CEO of the company joining the venture is part of his commitment to the state ventures to bring jobs and investments to the state under the leadership of the Telangana govt.