August holds a treasure trove of memories for all of us at Samskriti. Every year, this is the month that is earmarked for lively company retreats, getaways, and extravagant beach parties as we celebrate our day of the anniversary.

Fifteen years ago, on August 22, our founder, Mr. Sravan Kumar, breathed life into our company and set the wheel in motion. Since then, our family has grown in numbers and achievements, foot space, and branches.

This 15th anniversary holds a special place for us at Samskriti as our entire office is entirely back from the sojourn of work-from-home arrangements. So, we have decided to make it special with an in-house event to cherish our journey & celebrate the relationships we have forged along the way.

15 Glorious Years: Making Strides, Building Bonds & Expanding Horizons

The highly anticipated day has finally arrived, and as expected, our Hyderabad and Karimnagar branches have embraced lively aesthetics with colourful balloons, ribbons, and decorations.

In Hyderabad, the reception area came alive with a burst of colours, workstations were adorned with vibrancy. With us folks dressed for the occasion, the whole office emanated a festive-like atmosphere.

The ambiance was festive, and decency was palpable as our founder, Shri Sravan Kumar Paka, took center stage. He walked us through the last year's progress, reflecting upon the highlights, & achievements. Some of the notable additions included:

Education Tech Collaboration: Samskrit is now working with a fast-growing education tech platform for website development and strategic marketing.

New Partnership: Samskriti joined forces with a famous US herbs e-commerce brand for end-to-end digital marketing services.

Tryst with Cybersecurity: Continuing our journey in the cybersecurity domain, we were chosen as digital marketing assistance for a top global cybersecurity firm and entrusted with another US cybersecurity company's web development and marketing.

In addition to the above, we've successfully expanded our real estate, healthcare, and fitness clientele. Although our progress was notable, it needed to be on par with our projections, which is disappointing, yet expected amidst the recession.

However, our goodwill, cultivated by years of consistent performance, helped us achieve sizeable progress compared to the expected growth in the digital marketing industry. Our founder, Mr Sravan, was first to this out.

"In an era when only 5% of Digital Marketing companies make it past the 8-year mark, our 15th year is proof that our vision & execution are on the mark." - Sravan Kumar Paka, CEO of Samskriti Business Solutions

"The digital marketing industry, as we all know, is highly unpredictable. It is rife with challenges setbacks, and demands consistent good performance to thrive. Despite the volatile nature, we have been making consistent strides, and you guys are the sole reason.

More than 80% of the employees have completed the 5-year mark in Samskriti. The dedication and commitment of you guys are the primary reasons for the success of the last 15 years. This consistent success reflects your consistent progress and our yearning to grow. Only 5% of the companies in our industry pass the 8-year mark, and our 15th milestone is proof of the soundness of our vision and execution," said our founder.

Cherishing Commitment and a Decade of Brilliance at Samskriti

Honouring the dedication of our employees is akin to honouring the company itself, which is precisely why it is a tradition at Samskriti to reward employees who achieve significant milestones.

On the occasion of their anniversary, our Digital Marketing Managers, Ms. Sirisha and Ms. Pranaya, alongside Network Manager Mr. Manikanta, were duly honoured with a reward of 1.5 lakh rupees for their remarkable journey of 10 years with us at Samskriti.

The presentations were met with resounding cheers, and it swiftly transitioned into the arrival of a sumptuous lunch featuring a diverse spread of dishes that catered to every taste, preference, and craving. What followed was a lively exchange of work anecdotes, personal stories, peals of laughter, and hearty cheers.

Every year, this day serves as a reminder of the significance of collective efforts, our journey, and the unity that defines us at Samskriti. And this is precisely what makes this day unique for us.

Here's to the future with many more years of growth, success, & achievements together!