August 20, 2018, Time: 11:59 PM

As the clock on the wall struck 12: 00 AM, celebrations rolled their way around at our Samskriti office draped in balloons, and the jubilant faces of our Samskritians. Why not? This is the moment that marks the 10-year journey of our company and our march towards the 11th! Every year we celebrate this day with our team and what's better than an annual tour to refresh our minds from a daily grind? But this year was special. The plans were charted out and luggage was packed ready and the tour has started after a teaser party at our Head Office.

A beach party awaits us!

On the road:

Our bus was waiting and everyone was on board in a jiffy. The journey was full of cheers and what followed was a music competition that filled our bus with a foot-tapping music with versatile song numbers spanning across all generations. While the boys’ team were louder, our girls’ team were better with some mellifluous numbers.

‘No road is long with a good company’ said some guy, a wiser one. And our on-road journey seemed like a testament.

Into the Blue:

You know you are in the right place when the skies are clear blue with the fresh and sweet smell of greenery everywhere. Our resort was waiting for us and so was the beach. We broke our fast with a sumptuous breakfast in the beach restaurant and everyone slipped into their beach attire ready to take on the splashing of the waves. The mighty water has really brought out the kid in everyone and our beach games kicked off in a grand style with all sort of ball games and wild runs under the yellow Sun in the white sand, with a gentle sea breeze. The sea excited us, the run exhausted us but the incoming tide rejuvenated us, and the breeze comforted us. You have to be there to experience the bliss of blue waters.

We could have gone till evening but we would like to save ourselves for the wild beach party in the night.

The Beach Party:

The beach lighting was done. The big whomp music system were rearing to go. The dance floor was lit and the stage was perfectly poised for the annual cake cutting ceremony from our CEO Mr.Sravan Paka. Samskriti was the firstborn for our CEO Mr Sravan Paka, a serial entrepreneur and every year it’s our culture at Samskriti to discuss the ebbs and flows. We were all thrilled to know that there are more flows than ebbs for the first born and the siblings:

  • Samskriti Solutions has been accorded with 50 resource space by Government of Telangana in the ambitious IT hub being constructed at Karimnagar.
  • Our sister company HerbsPro India Pvt Ltd. is on the way to becoming one of the top companies in the imports of herbal supplements.
  • We are ready to kick-start the import division of hardware products for Surya Cem Pvt. Ltd., one of our sister companies.

Every update has got the cheers and the loudest was reserved for the Annual Awards for the Best Employees. Mr. Sachin from Technical Dept. grabbed the much coveted Best Employee of the year 2018. Mr. Satish, Mr. Naveen from Marketing and Mr.Sundaram from Design Dept. were also awarded prizes for their excellent contribution to the company.

The end of prize ceremony marked the beginning of our much-awaited beach party. The big daddy speakers found their voice, the DJ kicked up his best numbers and the party began with the dance performances from our girls’ team followed by the boy’s team. The dance floor was lit with some raunchy folk numbers everyone danced their hearts-out, a special mention to the awesome DJ. It was already morning before we even realized.

And that folks, is how we roll. We work hard and party harder.

Blessed to be a Samskritian !