Samskriti Business Solutions’ CEO, Mr. Sravan Kumar Paka was invited as a chief spokes person for an Industry - Students Interaction Meet held on 7th & 8th September 2013. The Industry meet was organized by S V S Institute of Technology, Warangal in its college premises. The meet consisted of 4 sessions spread over two days consecutively headed by one panel for each session. Each panel was inclusive of 4 – 5 eminent industry people who were experts in Human Resource with rich industry experience.

It was a great privilege for Mr. Sravan to be one of the distinguished speakers in the meet. He has enlightened the students with his delightful speech and was able to conquer the young minds in engaging spirits.

Mr.Sravan addressed students about the importance and need for the true potential of IT students from Tier-II cities to suit the standards requirements of the IT industry. He also stressed the need for improving the technical expertise in student’s right from their academics as for the prevailing market boom in online and digital marketing. Students should focus on improving their skills like adapting to certain crucial aspects in education life that can lead them to success tunes in the longer run.

He also said, IT students are technically sound and extremely creative but due to the lack of presentation skills and communication skills, are dragging behind & most of them are away from success. He advised students to improve the core of success in life through better communication and presentation skills, if they really wanted to climb the success ladder.

Mr.Sravan focused on Role of IT students from Tier-II cities to Build Growth in the panel discussion. He expressed his views and explained the importance of student’s contribution in building their career in success notes as well improve the economy of the nation