Business: Real Estate – building residential & commercial office spaces, luxury villas, duplex

houses, apartments, flats in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai.

Search Engines: Google & Yahoo

Challenges: Generate leads to the website from targeted customers.

Goals: More number of qualified at low CPL.

Real Estate Case study

Strategies Implemented:

    Through strategic planning and execution of:
  • Identified business related keywords and included locations with the keywords.
  • Created different campaign structures for different geo-targeting campaign like India, USA.
  • Prepared ad copies based on the website content targeting the highly sophisticated audience.
  • Constantly adding negative keywords related to the other location names except the states in which the ventures are running.
  • Enabled ad-scheduling option to generate more leads within the limited budget allocated during which the lead rate is high.
  • Adding variations of the performing keywords and placing the ads at optimal positions to generate more leads by increasing the ROI.


  • Able to generate highly qualified traffic to the website and increased brand awareness.
  • Able to meet and exceed the monthly targets with respect to leads and CPL.
  • Controlled the CPL against the initial proposal and month 1 performance.