Business: Dating Industry – Quality Leads Generation to top visited dating website of USA.

Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and other secondary search engines

Challenges: Generate 300 leads per day (free trial or paid customers)

Goals: Cut down the costs, maintain growth in leads volume MOM & quality leads generation which need to convert to paid customers.

Dating PPC Campaign Case study

Strategies Implemented:

    Through strategic planning and execution of:
  • Identified keywords related to different religions, ethnicity, geography, profession, sports, hobbies & interests, nationality, politics, work position, social status, sexual persuasion, age, physique, competitors etc.,
  • Intelligent campaign structuring and organization
  • Prepared specific ad copies according to the keywords theme to increase quality scores which reduces the avg. cost per click.
  • Stringent A/B split testing of ad positions through planned bid strategy
  • Activated content network and exclusion of non-performing sites.
  • Identified non-performing ad groups and keywords and paused them.
  • Enabled Conversion Optimizer feature in Google Adwords.
  • Adding variations of the performing keywords and placing the ads at optimal positions to generate more leads by increasing the ROI.


  • Able to generate highly qualified traffic to the website and increased brand awareness.
  • Able to meet and exceed the monthly targets with respect to leads and CPL.
  • Generated good % of paid subscriptions from leads.