YouTube Marketing During COVID-19

Ever wondered why the YouTube Ads are running longer than usual these days?  That’s because brands today are focusing more on YouTube ads leveraging the increased YouTube usage as a result of country-wide lock-down. Not only the majority of the ads are inescapable, but the total number of ads has also considerably increased, given it is a sure shot way to grab the eye-balls of the audience.

YouTube Marketing during COVID-19:

COVID-19 ha simply pushed every business into a corner and posed unique marketing challenges to companies all around the world. It has severely impacted the sales and revenue making brands reflect upon their marketing budgets. In the wake of these predicaments, companies are actively looking most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach the audience and improve their sales. And YouTube perfectly fits the bills due to its versatility and has soon become of primary medium for content marketing using Video Ads.

If you are one of the businesses who are looking to make most out of your marketing budget, here are 4 reasons why YouTube must be at top of your mind: 

YouTube Media Consumption Today is Off-Charts:

YouTube has recorded more than 800% global increase in media usage with watch-time jumping more than 80% as compared to last year. Spurred by the increased usage of smart TVs and affordable internet during this lockdown YouTube is experiencing stupendous media usage across the world (explains the increase in ad quantity). And this is the best time to leverage the increased screen time and media usage with video marketing and YouTube Advertising.

YouTube – No.1 Source for Media Content All Age Groups:

In a survey conducted by the US-based Channel Factory among general users, it was found that YouTube is the primary source of media content for more than 80% of respondents.  With entertainment, music, comedy, DIY, fitness and cooking-related content occupying top categories among the user interests and a similar trend is being followed in India. 

More importantly, there is no specific age group for YouTube usage. With raise smart TV usage in homes, YouTube now becomes the main source of media content for all age groups. So whatever your goal of marketing is, YouTube Marketing can deliver audiences across all the age groups that cater to your requirements.

More Tools & Formats for Advertising:

To leverage this stupendous boost in media consumption, YouTube is coming up with various tools and ad formats for the advertisers. In addition to introducing new skippable ads in content formats for the smart TVs, YouTube is accelerating Brand Lift which optimizes surveys and interactivity through TV remote. With more tools at hand advertisers now perfectly measure the ad performance and make informed decisions to further optimize their ads.

The most encouraging aspect of the survey conducted by the Channel Factory is that 70% of the audience wanted ads that uplift the mood during the lockdown, of which 30% of them wanted the ads to align to their content they are watching. This is an important insight that companies can leverage by reaching out to a high-quality audience with relevant and engaging content. With most of the brands backtracking their campaigns, brands can now make most out of their marketing bucks with highly targeted contextual placements at low cost.

With only fewer companies going the YouTube way, this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your audience, improve the brand identity, and set the stage for the conversion in the days to come.

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