Facebook marketing strategy

Reaching a potential customer has always been a herculean task for businesses. The easiest way is to go all out in mass advertising mediums like TV, print, radio ads and direct marketing techniques, all to find that elusive bunch of potential customers. Of course, they need a huge budget which is why only big businesses could thrive in the field.

Good news: You no longer need a huge marketing budget to reach your potential audience.

How to reach your target customers without breaking the bank:

Imagine you are in a country where you can advertise your products to all the people at the same time. Even better, you can target your ads to specific people based on their personal interest and likes, obviously increasing your turnover rate. The interested folks (which is more obviously) can reach out to you and you can further pitch out your product details and make a customer out of it.

That country is called Facebook and it has more than 2.5 billion populations (users) and the process above is service offered by Facebook called Facebook Marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook today is the most powerful marketing space in the world that helps brands develop their brand identity, grown traffic, maintain customer relationships and broaden the reach of the businesses. Facebook not only provides the world’s biggest digital channel for the businesses but also provides numerous tools both paid and organic to help businesses accelerate and amplify their advertising activities on their space.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing:

Massive exposure for your business on a global scale:

With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook offers massive exposure for your business in the form of groups, pages, and ads. A well-built Facebook campaign can garner a massive following and reach give your brand a massive exposure on a global scale within a short amount of time. This cannot be possible with any other traditional medium, not even social media platforms given Facebook is the big daddy of all social media. Go Facebook, go global.

Facebook offers the most targeted form of advertising in social media:

Facebook collects a lot of personal information from the users which the business can leverage to tailor their marketing activities based on location, age birthday, gender, education or even workplace. Facebook by far offers the most targeted form of advertising available on the social media space and it’s something which cannot be missed out by any business.

Low marketing expenses and high profitability:

Massive exposure and targeted form of advertising might make you assume that Facebook Marketing is costly. No, actually it’s quite opposite. Facebook ads are very budget friendly and let you reach more audience than other marketing techniques at a fraction of price. You can set a daily limit to make sure the marketing expenses are in your budget. You can pause and modify the campaign at any time.


Since you are specifically targeting audience based on the interest, you are reaching your potential customers without having to spend an extra buck, something that small businesses with limited budget can completely make uses of.

Increases sales, revenue and website traffic, and brand awareness:

Facebook as a platform allows customer interaction builds customer engagement, helps in pitching your products with landing pages, converts audiences into clients by targeting high-quality audience, directs the customers to the website for further information and everything in the process is tracked in the form of performance metrics and analytics to refine your strategy and execution.

Reaching your potential customers with such perfection not only increases the sales and revenue but also improves the website traffic and brand awareness which are very important for the growth of your business in the long term.

Choose Facebook Marketing for Maximum ROI:

You target your audience at cheaper prices and convert them into your customers at an unusually higher rate when compared to other marketing methods using Facebook Marketing. This ensures that you enjoy maximum Return of Investment possible for your marketing activities which is the USP of Facebook Marketing.

For years now, traditional marketing through television, radio, newspaper, brochures, flyers have done all the heavy lifting of marketing and advertising. They were a time when those mediums are productive for advertising but gradually their performance has gone down, owing to the lifestyle changes of the majority. Facebook today has become a superb medium of marketing and advertising. And Facebook Marketing can be used by both small and large business offers to garner stupendous ROI.

Though it may sound simple, the marketing activities need a lot of skill to strategize and even more to execute campaigns to perfection. Samskriti Business Solutions has been offering expert Facebook Marketing Services for all the businesses for a while now. We specialize in creating high-performance campaigns that offer extraordinary ROI for our clients, with minimal investment possible.

Today if your business is not on Facebook, one might mistake that you don’t have a business at all. And if you are on Facebook and yet you do not leverage the power of Facebook Marketing your Marketing is as good as nothing.

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