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If you are a start-up you might have already been aware of SEO and its importance in helping a user find your business. But SEO can be notoriously tough for start-ups and SMBs (small and medium businesses). Because they are pitted against large players who have been optimizing their websites for the search you years now, it’s practically a battle that a start-up cannot win.

So are the doors closed for small players’ right product or service they wish to market and advertise?

Absolutely Not.

Grow your Business with Googles Ads: 

Google Ads are search engine marketing ads that help businesses reach the right audience. They are a type of Pay-per-click services where a business only pays when the users click them and i.e. when the users find the product/services that solve their needs.

Search ads in Google ads give a business chance to rank a top in the SERP much above the organic rankings. This ranking majorly depends on Quality Score (ad relevance, expected CTR, landing page experience and even ad format) – all factors which are independent of the bid one places.

Google Ads aims to create a level playing field for every business. So even a start-up with the right product, messaging, landing age and ad format can rank above their strong competitors when the Google Ads are powered by the right PPC marketing strategies.

But are Google ads effective in growing your business? Yes, here are the five reasons why:

Google Ads help you show up when you need:  

Google is where the rush to when they need something and your business’s Google Ad (Search Ad) will appear instantly when someone is looking for a product or service you offer

Because it’s not a guarantee if your website appears on the search engine for a specific keyword even after years of consistent SEO, Google ads are a fast and effective way to reach your customers.

Google Ads provides the right information to the right people at right time:

Crafting the right ad copy that mirrors the needs of your customers, communicating your USPs and pulling them with an attractive offer – Google Ads (Search Ads) provide the right information your customers need at right time.

Catch them all and catch them hot and turn them into your customers with the right offering and well-timed ads. So if your business is based in Hyderabad all you need is to choose the right PPC services in Hyderabad to capture your target audience effortlessly.

Google Ads let you target customers at the right stage of the purchase funnel:  

Google Ads bequeaths you with power to the target audience at the right stages of the purchase funnel. Be it awareness, consideration or purchase, you can specifically target your customers with the right messaging to drive profitable action. This helps you plan your marketing activities as per your budget, goal and preferences.

Get relevant traffics & leads, loads of them:

Given Google Ads (Search Ads) show up with the right messaging to the customers searching for the product, they tend to attract the most relevant traffic and leads that are key for your business. Moreover, with Google ads, you pay only for the results, so these pay per click services are budget-friendly too.

Ubiquitous targeting: 

Search ads are not the only class of Google Ads. In general Google Ads are PPC ads that sprawl across the web at locations that attract the most visitors. For example, Google Ads can be classified into two types:

SERP ads:

Search ads and shopping ads are triggered and displayed on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when a user performs a search query on the search page.

Beyond SRP Ads:

These are Google Ads and display and video ads that display on Google’s sites like YouTube, and Google Partners sites (the website you browse).

Google ads offer the best shot at going toe to toe with your competition and capturing your market audience. But this can only be possible with the right PPC agency in Hyderabad at your side who understands your business and wield Google ads to grow your business.

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